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  1. Arena smile;-) I try to make the best in "Sam" If you like the old you gonna love this 8) If someone else need signature tell me, plus Photoshop users it would be realy nice if you make "The core" logo so every member use this in his signature, I don't have Ps and it isn't realy cool what I have create until now, some help? :[
  2. Dc is not programmed, game has some issues and developers making their best to fix it. Support is for issues, game hack, etc Its not a guide for newbes! All rules, ways to protect yourself, how to act in special occasions and many more are ALL there! Admins doesn't answer to brainless ppl! Or to posts which repeated again and again and again and again! If you have any serious thread post it in support section seriously and stop fu.cking crying! Admins works is to make the game works perfect, they are not your mom to hear your crying! If you don't like it play Tetris!
  3. There are: +5% astral, +5%moon, +5% sun, +5% dark With some words there are +5% for every type of damage, both rings and amulets but there are rare and maybe expensive because owners have to unbind it.
  4. The costumes will gift to the members which are in guild at the moment that tournament over, I don't think that costumes from last tournament replaced but if this happened only members who got the old costume will replaced by the new, I don't get exactly what you mean but I hope I had answer you, but be sure, costumes after they gift to members won't change owners!
  5. The only costumes that you can unbind are these from special occasions like vampire from Halloween, ice queen from xmas etc...
  6. Lool extremely noob! Leave forum, destroy your head! :D How old is this dress? First dress in ws? :P
  7. Happy to hear it ::) for acc works not that mage deleted :P
  8. His app/exe doesn't have any problem, all the other acc works fine as he said. I have hear a lot of ppl having connection issues when log in, my opinion is to try log in more times, maybe it was only luck that it happened only in mage the connection error or try log in from another device, otherwise if gloves has a kind of block from devs or they just lag the account, only devs can help you. I hope to answer you soon. ::)
  9. Probably someone stole your account, or u forgot your password. If u haven't give it to someone or put it any site then double check spelling and CAPS LOCK
  10. Doger72


    Wtf is this? It isn't even gloves, its dress for gloves! :D
  11. Why they are different? I thought u should draw only one dress plus make it by yourself, i don't believe even one that is yours...
  12. Hi, a player in game named goshas in eu emerald gave me this link http://wsgift.tk and he told me that its a gift code ganarator. Don't put your id and pass there, IT WILL STEAL YOU! As u can see in post "how to.don't get scammed" there is no way to get free miracle except in game offers. Plz aigrind specialist can you close it plz? I hope nobody got already scammed. Thanks. ::)
  13. I don't have a best enemy, before some days i got my first hater but it's not what i am looking for, plz if someone very smart guy want to be my best enemy plz tell me :search: :give_rose:
  14. Who is watching this post? Its the first time I have Ever seen it in my life xD In which section it is?
  15. Hi, because i was bored to spam all day sell.... and i know that's ball breaker i decide to make a post to sell most of them. ::) So, i sell: ---->440 signs of imperishabillity 5 set (50pcs) cost: 125k (125.000gold) 1 set (10pcs) cost: 25k (25.000gold) 1 pcs cost: 2.5k (2.500gold) There won't be any discount, friendly price or better price if you buy many. You can find me the times around: from 10.00GMT until 17.30GMT and after 22.00Gmt until i feel sleepy :P My name in game is same as forum "Firedoger" pm whenever you want or exchange me, i will be near caravan and plz don't make me run to swamp for 1pcs ::) Thanks.
  16. Every 255 guild "1st" "2nd" "3rd" showed up again I don't know if it only appear there and these guilds don't take gifts but check it, thanks.
  17. I love camping and goofing around :D
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