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  1. Google translate works when it remembers :lol: Browser better ::)
  2. They should do.it from beginning of game and add it in rules, they doesn't, so just forget it, as i can see everyone got a name here and play and have fame with it so just forget it. At the conclusion it's just a name, small names are easier to remember and use in new link way but ok, u can live with these names... :P
  3. Well, 10 days from 3.8 release is close and i wanted to be sure about this: "If the guild leader is absent for 10 days, the leadership will passed to the heirs" For example i have a guild (low levels, or temporary closed), my char which i have as a leader isn't my main character and i am not doing a single quest (0 points since update) but i play him 1 time per day to do free arena, etc... Not with guild mates, points will remain 0 until the end of 10days. Leadership will passed to a heir which have offered guild points to guild.or ONLY the entry in game with the leader refresh the counting of 10 days for passing leadership to a heir? I could ask.it in question section but it's the first time it works so i wanted a clear official answer to avoid that kind of mis-understanding (i think they will be many with this program) Thank you. ::)
  4. :D Tsja remember me? One thing i have to say "For one more time my actions confirmed" The rest are up to you.... 8)
  5. Use Google Chrome to open this-->http://www.daniilfilippov.ru/warspear It's a full detailed map with: 1. Monsters from every area 2. All the attributes of them 3. What they drop (not drop rate) 4. Every information about the bonus of the armors etc... Allow "pop up messages" on your browser because otherwise I don't think it will work perfect. First maps like "Firstborn" and "Choosen" doesn't included. Everything is in Russian but with Google Chrome everything translated perfect. (Prefer English) I have found it in a post in forum from snorlax but i don't know if its official, its regular updated but use it with care... I hope it helps you::)
  6. Ish dharm ok, but i think arena always had a female side deeply, he (she) just let it rise :lol:
  7. Doger72

    mage skill chains

    Are u serious? 16 astral.may save your life! But i don't know how in mages! :lol: Maybe it's a secret skill :pleasantry: If someone know it it won't be a secret! :lol: Only very good at mage is shield, they got the highest dd, go 5lvl shield, crit enchant rune, use potion, scroll and go lab, 50% dd :yahoo: Mage are funny to play, maybe that's why they create them :facepalm: I hope new skills and items improve this shit... :facepalm:
  8. I want skin "my hands are on fire" No staff, no bs, just threw all skills from.my fiery hands, like when mage cast fire ball, staff disappear ::)
  9. I.buy them and go ++, i made +7 cc,armor with 0 signs :-P Ofc it's good ::) But i don't think they will add it..::)
  10. Imagine this with +10 new weapon (better than sd) It's high but they don't give a shit, to.be first u must spend milions,.to spend milions u must afford it, if u can afford so many milions in arena (and be first) u can easily have +10 full Mage or lock with +10 full set will instant kill u, even if u use full.resilience and magic def compare against stun, blink, aoe, 30% crit, puch, range attack, skill spamming etc...? So it's not big deal, an impossible action (to kill him) became twice impossible... But don't run, wait to see new items, maybe they hide more than u think... But if not let them destroy balance...
  11. Hi, can u plz add this or something familiar with this? Until now i.prefer sd batton view than all skins. Thanks.
  12. Doger72

    new items v3.8

    Oh one costume misses, he is like nija, i like it
  13. Maybe yes maybe they are new items in version 3.8 Normal items (not 35lvl for example) I think they are new items, the others maybe hack maybe wrong button from admin maybe he want to give us a taste... W8 and see at 17th of September, (1,5 day from now)
  14. Doger72

    new items v3.8

    A guy in eu emerald link these items, their names are similar with new items which include in update 3.8 in 17th of September, I think these are and give u a small taste ::) If I am wrong plz admin inform us. Dress: weapon Skins: Arena winners items: Everything will become sure after update, this is just a topic from normal player who saw them in game from someone who link them, I don't know if he is admin, developer, hacker or something else... Thanks.
  15. Make a request to admins, maybe they will give u a solution, something like android platform in Windows etc, there are many ways to join us ::)
  16. Not so big failures :D only color change That's broken :rofl:
  17. Yea there are many graphic failure, to me always dresses like bunny and suit change colors, green arms, blue foot, i always see this ::)
  18. FireDoger 3D animation designer represents, The core's cool member list! 8)
  19. Snorlax 2 spell mistakes, place 2 and 3 it says "mecto" probably this mean "place" ::)
  20. Great as always but some changes need, like all members be in same arena class not exactly same lvl, like 15-18 and 19-20 In small servers only 20vs20 will work. also why add arena fights in this? We can simple add 1 free tournament ticket per 2 hours (like arena) and remove gp from arena wins at all! Also, why only small labyrinth in it? LETS MAKE MORE FUNNY MAPS! They will be like mini games, "Small lab" , "Find the correct door" , even one like regular arena! Have u seen how.many players left the game because with every update only rich ppl get advantage? It's good to make money and i think you get a lot every day but make it more attractive, in google play u.must know it to find it! Have you think how more money you will get if Warspear become first in the Most popular games" section? It's the best MMO RPG game and in Google play there are shits first... :facepalm:
  21. Op items.... Give them unique costumes! Why take better than normal items? They are already good, what u.want to make them? bosses? %)
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