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  1. Dear hackers I need some of your help Can someone send me the license key for "asc screen recorder"? I tried to find it but I failed xD Thanks
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    Εγώ να τα δώσω αλλά αυτή δεν ξέρω αν θα τα δεχτεί από σένα xd
  3. Nice, any news about in game "support chat"? Will be open now? ::)
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    XD sorry for no drama ::( Μπάτσοι γουρούνια δολοφόνοι Πανιώνιος, πουσταράς αιώνιος!!!
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    Good Bye

    Hi there, the last month i saw the real face of this game and i didn't like it, event just confirmed it... My point is that i am bored to see suckers and haters which there are a lot of here and fail updates pointing to the game balance.... I want to say goodbye to my friends, (we won't loose touch);) , also good luck to the pro elfes, maybe in 2113 an update will be with your side xD Greedy elfs go duck yourselfs with monkeys (i was greedy too xD) Remember, that's only orders in a computer, try find the secrets in real life;) (the last one is for new age players not for grandpa players) ((no names))xD Whatever, if u come to Greece for holidays u can stay in my house if u want ;) GoodBye @}-
  6. Melees doesn't have disadvantage against range, all range wearing cloth armor except rangers wich wearing leather, if melee can hit range then why range can't wear better armor? Imagine a mage or a druid with +8-+10 heavy... Plus, rogue got stealth, barbarian can come to you, paladin got aoe stun+ heal aura+ shield which gives a lot of armor, bd got a lot of dmg + parry wich doesn't broke from accuracy If you don't play with resilience it's sure that someone with 30% critical chance like ranger and mage can kill u. For healers you need higher dmg than their heal, astral can't enchanted, i have seen a lot of nelee rape healers. The key isn't that they are range, if you got good strategy and equip you can kill someone range with same equip. At low levels ofc range are better because you don't have high hp and armor to go close to him but if u go it's sure dead
  7. Yea it would be very cool and i have seen many games with this option BUT if you kill 20lvl char it's like you have completed a quest, war will be huge, especially in towns like caravan, nobody will questing, i like a lot the idea but not with levels, i prefer something like: 18-19-20 lvl gives you 2 points and 12-17 gives you 1 point, like some quests, they don't worth as a quest but gives a reason to war...
  8. http://www.daniilfilippov.ru/warspear/ Use GOOGLE CHROME as browser because all site is in Russian, with chrome you can translate it, i hope u like it
  9. In eu-emerald mounten clan and forsaken side a lot of cheaper than elf, it counts for feature build. Also classes with 2 weapons are more expensive to equip them with good items, Also physical damage dealers has special rings wich gives +5% more damage and they are a lot of expensive and rare. I would choose ranger cause it's range attack, leather armor and high damage + critical+ easy map at beginning but it's a costly character
  10. XD even with NASA WiFi you can't connect now! XD Server goes up and down every 10 minutes, soon will be Halloween update and i hope they will fixed, everyone got the same problems
  11. They will answer you soon, but i don't think the reason of blocking was about payment
  12. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=58329.0 Use the instructions here, i hope bachu come back, i liked him :(
  13. Reaper xD U are like bing bang xD
  14. Shield is a bit messed up, it's count as a weapon, 18lvl dropped from weapon eye but it takes armor runes... I don't know, it's a bit big, imagine +10 shield xd Maybe too much glow maybe too cool, idk xd A test could be good ::)
  15. Xd how more crying? XD Things are sooo simple, if u don't want to be in guild don't! If u want a guild u can be! Low levels already questing and their gp would lost in the air if they wasn't in guild, they don't get used, if they don't trust leader they can leave!*z* Secondly, for high levels, if want to be in a guild be! If u don't want to spend your money then don't! If u don't want questing then don't! If u want but u can't find a trusted leader then create your own! Link one game which has this stupid system! Make personal yourself and be alone! %) 1mb code cause tsja didn't got leadership... Play campaign games if u can't deal with real people...
  16. XD, breakout just destroyed his career :D
  17. We feel very proud that a forum legend wants to join as but after members voting the score was against double function players. I just saw that you created a new guild, best wishes to wintersun, if you focus in it as in forum I am sure that it will go on top! :good: If want anything feel free to ask, here or in game :give_rose:
  18. True xD, thanks for notification, next time i ll use translator ;D
  19. All the members of TheCore want to thank you for your help and your support to our trying! Now there are open slots for new members! If you are interest to join please leave a comment with all the information and we will inform if your request accepted. We are really sorry that we can't add all of you but there are limited slots for specific classes. Also we get a lot of pm every day and we may be busy this time to answer you. The open slot for each class will announced after guilds meeting. We prefer players which playing only in elf side. If you have more than one class it counts positive. The most important is your behavior and good fame, high amplification is the last in choosing. Thank you all.
  20. TheCores official announce. First of all we want to congratulations all the winners from every server, it's a hard work to be in top 3. Secondly we would like to congratulations our personal big opponent (abc) because you was a really hard opponent and we hope in future to have again this opportunity, it is a really nice memory the fights with you. Now we would like to thanks all elfs for their help with quest items, lower prices and many more, we didn't forget you guys. Many of you maybe wondering why we didn't add new members when we lvl up in middle of the tournament, it was our decision to finish what we started so we were questing with main and 2nd characters, now we recruiting new members and you can contact with us here->http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=88156.0 As you saw with your own eyes nothing is impossible, with hard work, strong spirit and teamwork you can do everything! We don't have full +10 either 5-6 million gold stored. We hope to see more elf guilds rise up in next tournament and feel free to ask any questions. Good luck to every elf guild! Thank you all again for your help, TheCore's members
  21. xD Stop crying, u played u lost, end of story. It is what roland said (sometimes life is hard). Ps for zigmar: Esy papari kovw to pouli m megali poustia exeis paiksei :D eimai sigouros kapou tha s ksanadw... xD
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