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  1. Financial crises hit warspear.... xD Well i remember how things was before some months and u make me laugh... Last winder (especially after valentine day) which 50% discount on everything was first time appear in game prices fell, after came +50% bonus miracle on payment options etc... BUT always i was seeing ppl in chat to hate miracle coins users, if i remember good on EU a period miracle users was like black sheep... Also as in every economic system (because warspear is just like real world, as every mmo rpg game) prices depends on: 1. items production (in ws miracle coins Byers) 2. From how many ppl want it 3. How necessary it is 4. From how much money are moving on the system. From were began the problem?? From guld points!! What made the prices to change??? The appearance of guild tournament! Why??? Before who lvl20 player was questing?? Noone! Only.swamps, there was no reason to quest than go to lab and hunt or go to swamps and try all day kill.hydra to get an sd, but now there is! GUILD POINTS! All this questers what they have done? Without know it they bring a lot of gold in the system because quests gives you more money than the money u spend on repair. So, miracle users saw all this money and rises their prices. Why this accepted?? Because threw quests more money exists on the system, u won't buy sings 27-28k set but a new player who quest and he just became 19-20lvl he will buy 1pcs sign 3111gold Plus after raising of max lvl all prices will be doubled at least, miracle users first will equip themselves and after will sell items... These are simple rules of how economy works....
  2. You will see them soon in game :-P You can ask a Spanish friend, I don't see anything wrong, translator always doing some mistakes, try use chrome, his translate is the best...
  3. Any possibility to release update now? I wanna threw my money and play with snow ball! XD :D
  4. Seb what u did again? U play with bbc language? XD
  5. Egrafa eksetastiki, smra piga douleia aurio tha bw, smra dn kserw, an dn vgw i ll brb xD
  6. Well... I won't fill forum with hacking, search it yourself... *Seb o malakas dn ktlvenei oti g na klepsei pragmata k lefta s tetoio game pleon prepei na bei sto pc me ta dedomena xD
  7. XD For no dev-hackers linux is just a free good firmware... Don't get upset:-P Cause every hack first is made in linux and after in windows? So what? XD Firewall its a cool name for something.... XD
  8. It maybe are more complicated to change your pas or id with this system but i agree 100% with this. Every big mmo game have analogue system with this suggestion. -->:snorlax: help newbies strong pokemon ::)
  9. XD btw now it working thanks ::) :snorlax: Dude with the same problem chech if you have any untaken chest in the other chars of the account, i had forgot one in a 3lvl char that's why acc was blocked from chest...
  10. Yee make mor funsites, mother language help more the newbies with their game problems...
  11. R.I.P Paul, now bb fast and the furious with you :(
  12. No mage cape, astral is very useful for mage... XD :facepalm:
  13. More styles xD In zip there is and a blue and a red version. sam give me 50k ;D ::) 81662_.zip
  14. Nice work to dev team but i suggest to check every day in google for hack in linux and build a very strong firewall, like great wall for example xD Too risky move the linux, i hope to don't see green unicorns the next days in game :snorlax:
  15. It sounds too complicated gift system... I will open every chest and see, if again nothing happens i ll email them. Daily gifts ok, doesn't matter, i was worried more for event surprise chest xD thanks ::)
  16. Hi, since the day which some joker cards lost in Halloween event (from me too) i don't get daily chest. There is no way the possibility that someone else use my account and take them for a joke or something like this. I don't get chest in any player of the account. In my second account everything is normal. This is happening with other players too or only to me? What i should do? Email to support with account details? Thanks :snorlax:
  17. Famous designer hit again 8) This is an android app (clock widget) with core logo ::) 80842_.zip
  18. If you have many informations about your forgotten account maybe If u did it before 2 years and don't remember anything probably not, otherwise everyone would do it for cool names which have been taken by 1-2 lvl chars when ws was released...
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