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    dps calculator

    Hi, I have made a DPS (damage per second) program (in html page with JavaScript) to solve pupils questions about what is better to use for farm, PvP, etc... And I will post it on forum... But I have some questions for the perfect results. 1. Attack speed: a) how much is hit delay between 2 hit when someone got 0 attack speed? B) attack speed points works like this calculation: { [(delay time)-1] * (attack speed)/100 }? if not can you tell me the right plz? 2. Defence: a) normal defence: it works like this calculation against physical damage?: { [ (1-defence)*damage/100] }
  2. Hey u forgot t say that i am a monkey in real life! U should add it.... Me? Lordyasir? Maybe i am and your lizza boy... Aw! And my little brother is obama...forgot it...:-P Man u realy think that someone cares? Be a forever alone guy, i dont give a shit... Mine positive? I took +1 post:D Your positive? U took +1 ignore
  3. Arenaxhero, well i said u that he was scammer but i am sure that he is real arenaxhero! he is back and i own him an apology... Its understood that a lot of you maybe dont trust him, but my opinion is that he is real... Thanks
  4. Doger72

    mage class

    Hi all:-) I am 20lvl mage at emerald and i need some pro information about mages:-) Who is the best mage to discuss about them?:-) Thank you all;-)
  5. Member file will post when it will be ready. For any information email me at: [email protected] Updated rules will upload at 16.3.2013 39617_.pdf 39618_.pdf 39619_.doc
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    Some cute pictures;-) If you want too pm me in game! Go myrmidons!B-)
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    Two more pictures for you guys!;-)
  8. Hi all, I buy forgoten walking stick as clean as possible, add me or pm, firedoger... Thanks ;)
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    Yey tymoros inv me! :friends: Firedoger
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