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  1. 17 minutes ago, Necromaa said:

    This was supposed to come from elf... this game is more elf oriented. Its like when they got wardens they cried now thy make it a lil balance still crying. When they made pala class a bit balanced they cried, Is this a habit for elf playing chars to always cry or they just love cry like small kids to get everything they want? 

    Remember 4-6 yrs ago MCs always cry on forum in-game complaining to support team spamming world chat everyday non -stop to nerf bd or you forgot?

  2. In winter nights

    I drink a cup of wine 
    Getting drunked in your memories
    Thinking about that day
    When I left you to walk my lonely path

    Wanting to see you
    But regrets fills my heart
    Your enchanting sight
    A memory of past

    Want to conquer the median night
    And present it you As a token of my love

    Oh this fate
    I wish for it to end

    Oh this twisted love
    Even death unable to do us apart







        In game name sdivines server -us sapphire

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