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  1. Didn't sell or trade accounts. It was my account didnt take I did my own passwords and emails. I did nothing wrong can i please have my account back roland :cray: only one I have I worked hard for it :cray:
  2. Idk I might quit warspear didn't get an answer from support in 3 days why my account. Got blocked when i did nothing wrong/ I went to go figure out my other old a cs went to warspar online. Forgot password put in a couple emails I was like damn I don't have the email set up Went back to warspear and it said your account has been blocked visit the ste for more info Warspear u gonna help me get my lvl 17 ranger :cray: :cray: I might quit if they don't help me :( only acc I have :cray:
  3. I asked support if I can have my account because I had many and I forgot them but knew the emails so I went to support forgot.passwords and when i went to go play warspear it said ur account has been blocked I sent a couple things to support still haven't got an answer????
  4. I DC if u are mean don't say anything but how to make a/clan can warspear make like a website to make ur own clan??????? 8)
  5. Lol OK but where to get doom swords can angrind lower all doom prices alot of people on warspear can't even afford dooms
  6. Lol some people hardly answer and ask us for our gold :(
  7. So go to support then what?
  8. :cray: OK can anyone help new people do questes wtf high levels say no. So how we supposed to get questes done???????
  9. Guys I have a ranger 17 I had alot.many accs and I forget the pass n email went to support trying to figure out what other a cs I had. When i tryed to go play warspear online it said ur account has been block visit the site for more info. What the duck is going on :shok: sorry for cursing warspear angrind can i have my account. Please wtf is going on. Anything I can do to get my account back :shok: :mega_shok:
  10. Don't you have players emails data I have a problem. When I was searching for my old very old accs from support and when I went back to play warspear it said my acc is blocked. Snorlax or owner of warspear please read this help me out the email is [email protected] and no I'm not beastmodes.can u restart my acc please in it its a ranger named urim it has 6+ bow of arena lvl 15 bow lvl of urim its 17 with over 1836def attack exactly 299 its mine. Please help me :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :facepalm: :facepalm: I swear I love warspear I put 5+ rating on market on the acc login is [email protected] password was Isaiah a please help me or warspear doesn't help people. Or can anyone make me and account:):)
  11. I've been scammed a couples times but I'm tired of ppl say.learn ur lesson the first time u get scammed that's on you.I know but can anyone be kind enough to make me and account any faction please I really like warspear. please please make me an account. :facepalm: :sorry:
  12. Make a video option on menu in warspear can a grid make an option to sell chars to a grid not in ws onlyANGRId.
  13. Make old version but choose when you want it updated have option to down date if possible.
  14. Well I think warspear online should make new class like a guy with fire coming out of his hands. or like A toxic player. Can warspear or a grid as I should say make a new game I mean warspear awesome. But make warspear from the last version. Like this warspear version back in the old days of warspear that other people want to play. The very first version of warspear make another one to play the old version because people didn't see or learn how to play it. ;) can warspear make like song tracks for warspear that we can access it. Ty for reading:P :crazy:
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