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  1. After maintance, relic today at cave left camp of legion :lol: Just me update relic in this topic :facepalm: Where other ppl :diablo:
  2. btw ty all i can using now :blush::lol::facepalm::diablo:
  3. Anyone help me how to make smiley or emoction, Cz im using phone :/
  4. today mc at salt hill.. Up this topic
  5. Join guild = crash And guild chat not working please fix it :/
  6. INFO: You cannot send messages to a chat during 1min :/ I hate this one.. I never flood or spaming chat but got banned..
  7. ettt

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    User Symbian download at ovi store..?
  8. Mc today at fishermen village..
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