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  1. i wish i had a GIRL FRIEND ON A online game :rofl: WARSPEAR but nobody loves me on this game, forever alone, well there is a few, my boyfriends demontear and elforme
  2. lol y would she even post here if she quit the game and does not care wat ppl say about her :lol: , guess she cares wat people think about here
  3. i love to put my fingers in things... if u know wat i mean :spiteful:
  4. ikr great gossip i want him to make a topic but he is still in shock..u wannt do it :lol:
  5. this just happend now, not even 5 min ago, my good friend baddshakra (he has so many chars and the name usally starts wit badd) he is a good/ trusted player and he told me he has been trying to get it back for months so he bought coins for kblitz 10$ worth of mcoins and 400k(for some reason) he wanted to unbind the gear he had kblitz holding for him but she wouldnt let him
  6. u guys hear the kiez scammed baddshakra for 400k and 10$? and its not a lie. ppls true colors are showing :blush:
  7. dont trust a hoe... never trust a hoe.... dont trust a hoeeeeeeee.... dont trust a
  8. my guess is the awful bd ambriel :blush:
  9. dont lie :rofl: well to bad ur bd is banned :bad:
  10. male just ask poley to make a topic about pvp and roland will respond to it within seconds :)
  11. is it true 45% of ppl who helped got banned? :shok: if so who? and rip dmarzo :lol:
  12. were the hell did u go pavan? :(
  13. u really expect ppl to read all this? :lol:
  14. lol dmarzo would do anything to make that lame bd decent, got his swords to +9 wit dirty gold,truly pathetic :facepalm:
  15. i love ur picture/video thingy pluton :good: real cool,
  16. u have got to be the dumest motherducker i ever seen, first u should learn proper english before u call anyone stupid, u cant even type a proper sentence, its like trying to read wat a 5 year old wrote. , second xherobine beat me? that made me laugh so ducking hard 3rd u should stop while ur at it, i know girls must not like u in real life thats y ur obbsesed wit defending ambriel? u should just stop cuz it is really pathetic, and finally yes i can beat her ass, sick of u ignorant pinoy players thinking u know all
  17. im late ass hell but happy late b day :drinks: that was some nice hot gay butt sex we had for ur after party, would love to do it again
  18. fluguyy


    yall is some fools on me tho, got me laughing n shit and u guys rachet for still saying swag, seceret we are gay lol
  19. u sir need to calm ur shit, u have like a weird obbsession wit ambriel and u feel the need to defend her, we all our own opinios and mine is that she is no good at pvp but maybe good at other things. oh and how u gonna tell me who i cant beat? im pretty sure u never seen me pvp and im not just some low amp noob that fights like a br player, so yea im pretty confident i could rape ambriel and if u wanna prove me wrong then set up a fight with me and her cuz i guess she is scared to pvp pppl after that crushing lost to pliskin, btw icequeen= noob accuarcy, fluguy=kick and dodge set up ;) dodge city... divine+ double sd blade = pretty noob resi, fluguy = 28% crit lol so yea i think i do have a chance at wining
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