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  1. :blush: game lag cuz devs downloading u know wut
  2. fluguyy

    tourny problem

    why guilds that didnt do any work get the tourney prize? :wacko:
  3. y guilds that didnt put in work get costumes? :facepalm:
  4. all mc/saken be careful cuz steriner the lvl 20 lock is inviting ppl to guild and using them, then kicks em, evilady, pvprange and a few others already got used for ticks, pots etc, be careful what guild u join but other than that keep playing and have fun :)
  5. for the three years i have been playing warspear i have tried so hard to get a gf in game. y is it so hard? :'( is it cuz im not +10 and dont spam mcoin? plz help me and give me advice, i wanna e date so bad but no girls seem to like me.... or should i go for guys? they seem easy, im black and my ****is big.. im so confused, this never happens in real life, plz help
  6. those br players sure love to skem ppl :facepalm:
  7. congrats on winning 7k coins buddy :good: :drinks:
  8. i would duck da both of ya real talk
  9. im off vaca now so i can play longer hours :dirol: and pummy u lied to me :shok: what happend to trust and loves between us :'(
  10. add me on eu :friends: i will lvl u all the way to 20( my char name is jaythug :good:
  11. i use +8 glad and flam now but if u want the double flam the come and GET SOME :spiteful:
  12. id whoop all of u wit my X2 +8 flamberges(real talk)
  13. what a waste of 14seconds of my life :tease: i could of masterbated in that time and had a erection
  14. ima been gone for 1 week + gonna go on vaction :) wont be able to play so i hope u guys reach lvl 2 and try to cry while im gone ;D i know u will all miss me so much cuz im the best :dirol: but try to have fun and good luck witout the one and only uncle flu :drinks:
  15. this topic makes me wanna come to eu :rofl: i love me some drama... to bad i didnt have popcorn for this topic :nea: us sapp really getting boring no drama or anything :cray: besides eisha scamming people ::)
  16. its funny how gotek found ur post :lol:
  17. i wish i never clicked this link, i will never use the internet again, i will report u and will tell my mommy, u sir are so ducked :diablo:
  18. i dont like to talk about wat happend :cray:
  19. i thought they were girls :shok: thats wat they told me :(
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