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  1. Aww I wish this was true. I finally got +10 today and thought we can go out kiez... can I be on the wating list?I'm really desprate.... And plz make more vids... im making a lot of gold of them 100k per vid. I will give u 10% of wat I get. Yourwelcome :)
  2. it is terrible cuz im not there ;D
  3. not funny.... this really hurts my insides
  4. its only a illusion :pleasantry: and besides we already have #1 rouge in us sapp in guild :blush: that sexy boy fluguy
  5. r these rewards for this tourny or for next one... MORE DETAIL ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :crazy:
  6. My bd so cute :D I hope gi not jealous :0
  7. here is all u need to know... ws= piece of s h i t game(i pray to my black god every night tht they will get black man aids) wow= the greatest game ever envented. yourwelcome good sir, have a nice day :)
  8. 100% real sir :) , me n seth supposivley made up so i amp seth staff to +10 yesterday then she ignore me again.... wut should i do? im all out of ideas :fool: or should i go to black people meet.com? maybe that would be easy
  9. i only apologize when im wrong :) in this case i am not. sorry sir but manning up would be to not still tell ppl i skem ur fake :pleasantry: gf.
  10. I want to feel this pain
  11. I can't wait till seth wakes up
  12. I live in america sir:) and I would rape someone and I would have no regrets.
  13. first of all hoppz i am better than u and u know it :blush: (i live by white ppl my whole life so i dont know about the struggle ;D )but ur right panem i date game creeps, who knows ladyseth could be a 40 year old man id i would still let him rape my tight little asshole, as for being ugly go look in a mirrior bro lmao
  14. dirty pinoy jealous go eat more panda express.. maybe tht will make u happy :)
  15. im am 100% serious.. i find RAPE very funny and will use it when ever i want, i try to avoid real life because its to hard and im a looser. so i guess i will stick with this. thank u for posting the same thing u do ever time i make a topic good sir
  16. she is sleep right now.... its gonna be madness pure madness
  17. i gotta protect her from u horny nerd bastards(pedos) that prey on young women like seth. nothing wrong wit that ;)
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