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  1. Omg born I hate u.... I thought their was a bug on my phone and threw it at my wall :facepalm:l u gonna buy me a new one? :(
  2. It started as a small war between vortex and satpoop but satpoop couldn't take handle it and paid some elfs to help.... and this was the outcome ;D
  3. that's not very nice :cray:
  4. Darkzain loves eisha.... :blush:
  5. The day his bd can beat me once... then that's when I will care sorry pachen
  6. And then 29 pages later.... fluguy comes and pulls out his dick!!!
  7. I used iluvweeeds account... now ban me now!!!! XD
  8. Goodluck to u guys!!! :) always been nice to me spaceking. much love from flugay :*
  9. Hey guys I have the best idea ever!!!! Let's combind guilds!!!! Name could be sithtex or vorelords.... your choice
  10. I wanna run dungeon with u eld!!!
  11. bulls are garbage just like the bears are.... watch the cowboys ooooo killem tonight
  12. fluguyy


    Omg I DO I go to liberty XD
  13. Look at that noob fluguy wit 0 damage
  14. fluguyy


    your a little late XD
  15. Dear snorlax and warspear devs... how much did do u suck a week?
  16. First u chat ban my rogues for 7 days for no reason and now u duck us with this.... I swear u cunt bags have gay orgys in your office. That's y u get nothing done. duckin russians man... such dirt
  17. This looks cool and all but r we gonna get new skills? Lol
  18. name: flugay class:rape man gender: unkown age: 42 PLZ LET ME IN SITH. I MAKE 5$ A MONTH PICKING COTON... PLZ LET ME IN SITH VORTEX IS NOOB GUILD...........i will give u bj plz let me in
  19. I touch myself at night......
  20. I think zhuan is the guy who swore at me saying I kicked him??? Lol but anyways someone plzz post wut black assians and grey assians looks like wit double claw skin?
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