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  1. " ok mr pro" I doubt u could even beat my shammy or pummy but we will never know....(diffrent servers)
  2. childish for giving my opinion....... such a silly girl
  3. Have virtual sex with ladyseth Join noob. Guild. Vortex Making ws my life at one time(didn't go to school for weeks) Telling ppl on ws that I'm black Sucking roland to guild get back( it wasn't poley or pummy it was me... I swallowed to) Jack of to eldhimirnir and ladygi pixel E date edlhimirnir Telling pummy I love him Meeting flunegro And finally becoming friends with darkborn.... guys is a dickkk
  4. A sham would need a insane amount of lucky to beat a lock without a lsittle running... just face the facts if your up aginst a +9 or 10 without a kite u will loose. I have seen it. Many times with the best locks and shams on us sapp and experienced it to. The locks on eu must be some really dumb cunts to loose to a sham without kite..... oh wait I forgot most eu players have no skill. Just amp +10 or kill some +10s tht don't know how. To pvp and you're pro. Huehuehuehue
  5. Some faggot has the name I want (mcflurry) I will buy that name 200k for whoever has in us sapp
  6. kitting yes = sham win.. kiting no= lock win lol that's y I said make a better matchup.... ucan never go wrong when its melee vs melee :good:
  7. hmmm let me think about that...... nahhhhh
  8. Its not to late to save yourself..... this class sucks ass
  9. didn't know u changed your druids name..... well this is nice to know O:-)
  12. U all are childish....... :facepalm: this is just sad
  13. well that sucks but who are u?.... not my problem :mega_shok: ( not trying to be rude sir)
  14. Well shaman will beat the locks 80% of them time ^_^ ..... u should make a better matchup
  15. fluguyy


    omg I'm so sorry u pm me ingame today and I completly forgot it was u :facepalm: plz forgive me? :give_rose:
  16. fluguyy


    .... wtf...... anybody gonna read all that? Lmao ;D
  17. fluguyy


    @polo its been going on for a longtime [email protected] ummm ok @ and at new girl don't believe anything u see about me and my guild >.> im hated by many and loved by few..... if u ever need hhelp with quest feel free to pm me I don't do anything when I'm on we have a dead guild
  18. D don't u dare think about eating him.... :shok:
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