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  1. fluguyy

    is it only me

    im backkk 8) i know all of u missed me, fourms cant be cool witout uncle flu 8) oh and wassy stay off my topics u ugly hoe, maybe u should learn proper english before posting on my topics
  2. lol i am 100% sure flunegro is not erikalt and roland y did u mute the other topic and not this one??? :rofl:
  3. only idiots buy accounts from ppl they dont know.. just sayin :pardon:
  4. THAT IS EDITED sharkin beats, rapes and steals her money daily, if she does not have the money he does brutal things, plz devs do something about plisk, he is harmful to the warspear enviorment
  5. how dare u say things like this after eveything u have done, beatin rape and steal her money, u are a bad man, dont let me catch u anywhere!! i will rape ur elfs
  6. y did u edit that, flunegro a good girl :aggressive:
  7. i was talking to flunegro today and she said recently business has been very slow latley :facepalm: common guys she gets raped and abused by her bf sharkin. he also takes 80% of the money she makes and does not buy her nice things, he leaves her in the same old clothes for weeks, common guys show her some love she needs it, and only send her nice pms so she might break up with that douche bag bf of hers sharkin. i donate 5k to her every few days and u guys should do the same. poor girl getting treated like a animal :cray: , she needs our help
  8. lmao who is this guy elfs??? i never heard of him :lol:
  9. i do have a video of her doing her thang to my but im afraid i might get banned from forum :tease:
  10. its not me!! im not flunegro, flunegro some sexy chick named jynx maze, look her up on xvideos :blush:
  11. fluguyy


    deapknight is a noob ♥♥♥♥♥ who wont pay me my gold
  12. so i was chilling in pvpcave and then i see a lvl 6 necro in pvp cave. sexy as ever, her name was flunegro.....and in alliance chat she said pm me for my services. so i pmed her just cuz she had flu in her name, she told me that bj (and she eats the cum to!!) cost only 10k, its 10k for me to eat her out, its 20k to stick my pickle in her icecream or in her donut. i highly recomend her services, i had a bj and stuck my pickle in her icecream and it was the best thing of my life. pm her in game if ur intrested and if u wanna see wat she looks like go to xvideos.com and search jynx maze. :good: hope u boys enjoy her!! i also hear she is looking for a boyfriend that has money to buy her nice things! i cant believe that sexy chick is still singal, someone better grab her quick!!!
  13. also barb should get a skill called shot wave.. its a stun skill that makes the target stay in on spot.. it can hit multiple ppl if they are in the area, would be good cuz charge is prettyy crapy
  14. if barb has 2 stances that they could switch to anytime they want, even in combat.. each stance would have a few diff skills, defensive stance and attack stance i would stop everything and lvl my barb asap
  15. u should come on and pvp :good: me, i did improve a bit
  16. you are scary :nea: last time we do free pvp it was like me 3 u 20 lol
  17. im here luvis and i have no idea wat u said ulti. i skimmed wat u said and i am to lazy to reread it
  18. zues kicked my ass 4-1, that 1h shield setup is tough to beat :good: but congrats tho ur pally was better than expected.. who will be next i gotta make my money back ;D
  19. We can do right now head to ghost village asap
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