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  1. lol pum ws will always be life... and no i am not in trouble, gi you act like im leaving for years  :( .... only for a few weeks.. gotta focus on track, grades and bday thats coming up.. cya guys in a bit have fun!!!!  :drinks:

  2. sorry to just leave u guys like this but i have to go. i wont be back till may or late april... good luck with tourny guys... kick me if needed, cyaaa. ps stay gay pummy. stay sexy jim and gi stay the jelly br girl whose jelly of me and jim that u are ps. they made a server for u gi why are u still here?  :blush:

  3. :unknw:

    well Kid it will be nice if u control ur Words..Its Here not about who's Pro and not..its about Chllaenge, So be on ur seat and Chill  :diablo:


    damnn man how retarded do u have to be to no be able to spell challenge.... u comme and post negative bout my friends guild first.... u brought this upon yourselves..
  4. Before guild buff's, Spanish had to kite me 3x and heal up after once circle, at the time +7 lock vs +10 Best shaman ingame, to much dmg to not kite even at +7.

    now a +10 lock is able to get u around 1k hp in one combo most of the time, next circle dead if doesn't bug, unless luck out on crit heal's and have crazy dark def / mix or bug there circle's till non stop fails, will not win without a little kiting, depending amp.


    wise man

    your english is soo broken its just pathetic, its obvious youre not from the us  :facepalm:



    i did not understand your english? hahaha youre like a 5 year old



    i DO NOT understand your english, and snorlax said last months rewards will be carried out a third time, try reading for once. or better yet, try playing a game from your own damn country and stop infesting USA server with foreigners who cant even comprehend basic english


    get em!
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