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    Rogue skills

    Once you resist kick in the back? Are you retarded I am saying +5, +6 rogue killing a ranger. Then why elf spending lot of money to amp there characters. (Mage, Ranger, Priest, Seeker...) They can go mc and make a rogue character which called broken class in WS and amp to +5 and rule the game. Right now Rogue is the first thing mc uses in the game second is chieftain. You must be retarded or you are just having a joy because there is no elf killing you.
  2. eko

    Rogue skills

    Yes you are definitely right that's why I lose(+10 Greatness 32 Ranger) to +5/6 rogue only his weapon are amp to +9.
  3. Yes but It is less active the game can be more active. The brackets between 20 and 22 has huge gap in 20lvl top arena point is 45-50k for top1. In 22lvl bracket this increase to 75k and in 24lvl it can be 250k where 28 32 lvl do not spam that much. if these brackets can be equalized like top levels it can be great and if the person who do not feel they can level up. Still not changing when the bracket is being togather the group who wants to spam still spamming. In 2x2 20-23 without touching 21-22lvl this isnt right. People do not see that guy as a opponent. My other advise is removing seal can be great because people were demanding and there are many chances. Last season when the seal was gone. The persons who use auto could not make it. Crucible is very great arena but it should replace to seal not random. Chinese spam auto demand in seal and there is no way to stop them 24/7. The seal always belong to them. If crucible replace with seal it can be great and other player can have a goal. He can buy arena pot and Tickets. When the seal exist those arena players are just saying I have a life and I do not need to spend money to game.
  4. My idea is in high levels there are more opponent and in low levels there are less and less active people. 25-26-27-28 1 Arena and there is 4 type of levels can spam with each other same 29-30-31-32. There are many people and there are more active. I want to know why dont the GM dont do same on lower levels. 21-22-23-24 this can be a same group it will definetly more challenging and game will get more money. 18-19-20-21 same they can make this too. People can fight more and it can more better. 14-15-16-17 10-11-12-13 6-7-8-9 1 to 5 lvls are useless people making 4lvl acc in 15min and most of them are bots. I am saying this because game making it from 25 to 32.
  5. Merhabalar Bu oyunu uzun suredir oynuyorum ve sunu anladim ki Turkler birbirinin yardimina kosmuyor. Soyle bir dusunce olabilir ben zamaninda lvl atlarken yada guclu olurken bana bir turk yardim etti mi dicek olanlariniz vardir ve boyle dusunmesi normal. Sunu da biliyorum Millet olarak cok ta caliskan degiliz yani herseyi hazir istiyoruz buda yanlis. Item atlatirken gold veririmisin borc olsun falan falan degince kendimizi milletten soguttumuzun farkinda degiliz. Cok aradim acaba hangi serverda daha fazla turk var diye ama kesin sonuc alamadim. Bence herkes olcusu kadar yardim etmeli.
  6. Is that a good answer thats totally worst answer I heard in my life your saying spam 7/24 and use mc for buy tics and potion these way only good for GM because they only earn money so your right its not problem
  7. +10 druid with castle pots are unbeatable.Druid can stun,heal,use minion,shield,... and we add castle pots heal pot that class is unbeatable do something for that please these rule is for all level druids can be not only 22 24 26 28 others can use that hp buff in arena and cant die.
  8. well its not option Where is Admins they should reply these message
  9. I have a trouble in arena 23-24 lvl Im 24lvl Mage and I want to spam in my category but I cant fight with 23 lvl bcs he has a partner at 20lvl and I dont have any partner and hes top 1 what should I do Devs should solve these problem you guys need to make these minimum 21-22 and maximum 25-26 dont allow the 23 spam with 20lvl acc its not equal Im 24 and I cant see his party is these sensible pls make these problem solve make these if someone in 23-24 category min he can spam with 21-22 and maximum 25-26. 1 low categorys and 1 up category these is equal.
  10. Eski Us Sapphire oyuncularindan kim kaldi 2010 2011 2012 2013 bana ulasabilirmi
  11. when guild discount will be on we were waiting like almost 1 year please open the guild discount at least these event Birthday of Warspear
  12. Hi I want to know how many acc I can log I have Tablets Laptops Smart Phones Ipads Iphones I live with my family in 1 house so I can acces there device too and I will log to same Internet Is these legal Probably I will use 30 account at warspear If Legal I want to use so I can go at same time arena and also lvl up help each my account
  13. We are saying you guys can change the rules so we can see easy players gp or reset the gps when tournament off its not hard for making that isnt it ? Help your players you guys here for these right?
  14. I want to know these if it is legal I want to know because I will try to find another options there is many players using and GM dont do anything I get a ban for multilogin 2012-2013 I want the ban off so I can use my other old acc.
  15. Abi lutfen sms payment duzeltin kredi karti olmayanlar para cekemiyor suan bide para cekmede gene bir problem var.Lutfen sms si duzeltin avea vodofone calismiyor.Turkcell de problem var mi bilmiyorum.
  16. sms payment de mesaj atiyorum bana string yapip alamiyorum :( lutfen buna car bulursaniz cok sevinirim ;) 10 tl 18tl 20tl hic biri calismiyor
  17. eko

    adamlarim calindi

    adamlarimi calindi ve butun herseyi degistirmisler adinda bir adamim gitti ve calan kisinin adi andhdci oyle bisey
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