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  1. :bad: I been collecting karma until i got +16 And -0...Its not easy to collect....

    I dont just go out and give karma to people...... :bad: and want to exchange me a + karma back

    Now U ruin it :bad:


    Sorry didn't know it meant that much to you.
  2. :lol: :lol:



    ooohh r u mad at me coz ur mage Gankz lost to my necro 9-1 and 1-0 on my shammy?



    Oops I didnt get a chance to respond to this one. Like I said I can careless what happens in game and I sure as hell can care less about a few pvps because I know im not the best nor do I want to be the best. I dont spend ALL my spare change on warspear. I rather save up to buy new clothes but thats a whole other story. Honestly, Im not mad at all. I'm more disappointed then mad. Im not stupid and I can tell when you're trying to dig up "dirt" on someone. Yes I know I've gotten trolled a few months back on my other account. But that's because I was really new to the whole "mmorpg" thing and really a newbie to video game forums (this is the first and only forum I am currently using) so I only replied to situations the best way I knew how. I've fought ignorance and racism on forums and not ashamed to admit it because I know because of that it made me a better replier in certain situations and I know how to get my point across better. Like I said you can screen shot and make videos all you want but at the end of the day your going to be the one embarrassed. So I'll say this again and for the last time before I put my talk into action. Dont start stuff you cant finish.
  3. :lol: :lol:

    someone pls explain: UNGRATEFUL

    after i gave you that lv18 violent storm boot for free when it was still worth 100k up.


    and why r u hiding your old forum names?

    anything u should hide about them?


    ooohh r u mad at me coz ur mage Gankz lost to my necro 9-1 and 1-0 on my shammy?



    Im not ungrateful. I just dont take sides in forums because I know how it feels to be 2-3 sided in  an argument. If anything I gave you a compliment from my other post when I said there's nothing wrong with you. Me and Pliskin just discuss inside things in game and he disappointed me a little when they said he dated you. Nothing against you it was completely on him. Now you choosing to try to "expose" me? Then you get mad because I don't take your side and stay neutral in arguements. You can tell from my other posts I admit when I'm wrong and I even apologize when I do wrong. Even still I can careless about what happens in game because its just A GAME. Btw I know you still trying to "expose" me. Dont start stuff you cant finish. That's all I have to say.



    Edit: Btw I change my name on forums every time I change my main character. Umix is retired Sulti is a necro now but certainly not my main. Gankz is just an elf. So hopzz is my main and I want everyone who reads my post to know who I am in game. But still nice try  :lol:

  4. :shok: If i get -32...Im gonna delete this account in forum :shok:


    Karma is that important to you guys?



    And btw anyone coulda told me to shut up at anytime. Its actually funny and I actually listen. I live with 2 girls and get told to shut up all the time. I also get told to shut up when I'm on the phone with girls. So yea lol

  5. Hoppz@ you try to poke your nose in. every other business which you don't belong or relate,leaving rude comments and now someone points it out and you can't stand it.lmao

    That proves you're are one who need to stop being a jerk instead of telling others.


    Actually I want her to do this so I can expose her ass. Not only will I make sure almost the entire sapphire server has seen her in her "moment" but Ill make sure shes famous on facebook as well as instagram. Smile for the camera Kiyomi :give_rose:
  6. First off why would pliskin try to troll me? Atm he's the coolest guy in game. 2nd off kiyomi I can see why people try to expose you because you try to expose other people keep trying because your an easy target to flame.



    Edit: I got so much dirt on you Kiyomi I know you do not want to start this.

  7. Man, you got ignorant written all over you

    I'm not emo nor depressed

    I know how to accept life and move on not like some butthurt kids who go apeshit on the internet over some shit he got called



    anyways, go back to making this discussion about music turn to how butthurt you are over me calling you ignorant

    I love music, so I'm out kiddo


    Exactly quit again  ;D
  8. Oh boy, I got myself a fan couldn't move on from when I called you ignorant

    got bored of Brdigo's dick I guess

    using a girl I like to insult me

    man that's pretty lame but sadly I wouldn't give a shit if someone rejected me life goes on I'll find someone eventually

    anyways I got a lot of fans already, go back in the line I ain't givin no head starts


    Brdigo's dick? How about I dont even like brdigo and I only justified his actions because you guys did more wrong then him. You think Im a dick rider? But your b2k's mascot.  I'm not even gonna use words to how silly you sound saying im a fan so I'll just "paint a picture" You actually sound alot like this kid


  9. I listen to all kinds except pop like justin bieber and shit

    anything with a good beat will do

    I used to be a big fan of rap until I fell inlove with rock

    depends, if they think Lil wayne is good then they could be stupid



    though some of the new music is shit

    like the dougie shit


    Good beat? I couldn't even listen to your music for 1 minute without laughing my ass off on how depressed that shit is. It's funny how you can stereotype someone that is "ignorant" but your a ticking time bomb set to destruct any day (Kill yourself) Hmm I wonder if Poley turned you down how many days would you cry yourself to sleep until you finally put your red neck dad's shot gun to your head and pull the trigger  :mega_shok:
  10. That's exactly what I mean. Unaware customer = happy customer = recurring customer.

    Unless someone is interested in doing research, he will be in darkness. Completely blind about things lurking inside that stuff. But, why care? It's good, that's what matters.


    Just as Sandy Hook was never real. The country is blind about that. A guy who lives down the highway from newtown even says it was staged and that the whole area knows it.
  11. Yes but at the same time they want to make their money and provide for themselves. Do McDonalds employees go around telling people at the restaurant "Oh you shouldnt eat anything from here you'll become fat as hell" It's just the type of world we living in one that requires a little white lie here and there to survive.

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