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  1. Lol eu players argue about the dumbest stuff i didn't know that people actually cared about the gender of your character. My first character was a girl and even had a girl name because I was role playing its really never this serious :facepalm:

  2. You can spam trade chat to make war at caravans, go elf t1 and kill people, hold nadir crossing. But not gank at a cave "made" for pvp lmao.

    I go to Koto when im pissed off and gank, kill, revive, pot against all elves i find. Pretty funny and it surely makes them mad  ;)


    I hit my enemies where it hurts and I gank my enemies whenever I get the chance. I have a list of targets and will stop at nothing to try to kill them. Sorry.

    :shok: :shok:

    I'm shock'ed lol



    Bah, why not? Your ganking really annoys me  :facepalm:

    Especially coz you kill the people I want to pvp! Aka my friends  :bad:


    Sorry but each one of us have our own way of having fun. You may enjoy the game in the form of pvp and chatting with friends. I enjoy the game in the form of ganking. But what I can do is make less trips to the cave if that'll work



    Edit: I dont actually intend to harm people emotionally its just me poking fun. If it gets offensive though I will stop.


    The way you reply people, the way you act at pvp cave and ingame, your maturity, sense of humor and you should really stop thinking you can judge everyone and not be judged back. And accept others opinions, respect people and their choices.


    I respect your honesty maybe i'll change the way I act in forums but I'll never change how I act in game (well as far as gankin goes) Wait until I get my bunny and scythe its over for elves  ;D

    You dont deserve it.

    And i dont believe karma will fix you.  :crazy:



    What needs to be fixed about me? Cmon a to be honest session  ;D
  6. :rofl: id use $100 as a distraction  :lol: then take the ring, cause he'd pause for min looking at u askin himself if ur dumb as hell :rofl:


    In a closed room in a 1 on 1 talk about my future/behavior. No way I was stealing from him ;D

    Miami? sounds legit. I've hardly ever been outta California honestly. lol. I been to Reno, Navada and an Oregon but thats it


    I meant Orlando. Check this out an authentic Yankees 2009 world series ring I was fortunate enough to hold today in an intervention with the head of balfour (ring design department) This is as real as it gets and it was heavy on my fingers


  8. Dude you ever listened to Katty Perry s ft. Snoop California Girls ? Never heard no BR girls or PR girls. What up wit that  :diablo:

    Heres a few lines Represent  ;D

    You could travel the world,But nothin' comes close,To the golden coast!Once you party with u-us,you'll be fallin' in love!Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!California girls, we're unforgettable,Daisy dukes, bikinis on top!Sunkissed skin,So hot we'll melt your popsicle!Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!


    Never heard of that song  ;D


    Chicago got soul hombre but  SF bay is where it's at  ;D


    Never been to that part of Cali only been to L.A but for our family vacation in mid summer we still undecided where to go but our top choices are London and Italy. Or ofc fly somewhere in the US (thats always a cheaper option) I wanna go back to Florida its the funnest city I ever been to :good:

    >admits he doesnt own a pala

    >implies its the best advice hands down

    >what a shame how ignorant you are, i was pretty close to giving advice from experience :(


    You want to talk about ignorant? How about calling me a dumb ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in game when I didnt even say anything to you. How about ignoring me and continuing to talk shi.t after ignoring. I once said if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen and your proving that your a grown ass man who obviously cant take the heat. Then you went on to say "I bet he posts pics on forums of me calling him a ♥♥♥♥♥♥" . You wish I gave you that much attention. Your like 24 years old with the mind of a 12 year old filipino. Grow the duck up and if your going to at least talk shi.t don't ignore the person your talking shi.t to that just proves how pussy and ignorant you really are. You called me ignorant in game and yet your the one saying "Hopzz is a dumb ♥♥♥♥♥♥" "Kfc in puma valley" who is the ignorant one there? You have no right to call anyone ignorant. Get a life. I certainly hope you dont die a virgin. Its a shame that you have to masturbate to your own troll costume instead of going out with real women.
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