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    It is! Horses are the most beautiful creatures on earth! Stand next to a horse is to feel at peace, they are able to transform all your sorrows into joy, without even saying a word. And relying on an animal that weights 10 times your weight, that dont understand your language, and has no obligation to be there, and yet you can make him understand you and do what you have to do. The sport is pure adrenaline and not only depends on a single individual. It is, definitely, the best thing in my life.



    :cray: :cray: :cray:  This made me shed a tear
  2. taekwondo, painting, dota , sf ,softball, singing, playing guitar,harp,piano, violin, swimming, modeling, study, shooting (sniper in mall), playing arcade, car racing (arcade mall), bascketball (girls rules) ,skating ,traveling, volleyball,chatting(facebok,twitter), eating korean foods, texting,drinking coffee while watching dvd (horror,action and adventure), photographing, strolling, teasing, listening music(rock,metal,pop, emo,rap) and talking to my cats and dogs  :blush:


  3. Are you guys joking? You guys really think he's good? Are you guys really saying the only reason he's a noob because he ganks? What about him being a noob because he picked an easy class? What about he's noob because he wasted over $200 on a class that doesn't require alot of money? What about he's a noob because he doesnt know the difference between a shaman and a warlock? What about he's noob because he thinks shaman quake is the same thing as warlock stun? Gimme a break idiots  :facepalm:

  4. in indonesia we need credit to connect to the internet if the line is prepaid. nice try fat-ass  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    lmao my favorite forums user is back
  5. Actually I believe HeadHunter did have a reason to be banned he was publicly scamming people that looks on the forums saying he can recover their account for 5k (im guessing miracle coins) Now if that isn't a scam that deserves a ban then I dont know what is.

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