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  1. Calm down Lady I was just kidding and Sulla that wise man must have suffered from autism.
  2. Yes I want to apologize to.... I wanna say im sorry for going soft. I know I let my fellow mcs down and Ill be going back to my old gankin ways soon
  3. Hey I have feelings I'm human to. I actually love pvprange ;D
  4. Lol you guys talkin shit... if you want I can post some stuff :dirol:
  5. Well I dont do it for money or scholarships. I do it for fun. I don't care if it gets me money or not if I like something I'm going to do it whenever I have the chance. I dont play warspear for money but I do because I like it :drinks:
  6. Let's all give me a +1 to make myself look good
  7. We are all pro in our own way for example Ladygi #1 pro horse back rider :give_rose:
  8. Wtf does that really say blazing anal?
  9. Hopzz

    Name Change

    How is everyone getting their name changed? I want my name change to. Can I get it changed to: WhatIsaygoes? :blush:
  10. Are you guys joking? You guys really think he's good? Are you guys really saying the only reason he's a noob because he ganks? What about him being a noob because he picked an easy class? What about he's noob because he wasted over $200 on a class that doesn't require alot of money? What about he's a noob because he doesnt know the difference between a shaman and a warlock? What about he's noob because he thinks shaman quake is the same thing as warlock stun? Gimme a break idiots :facepalm:
  11. Hopzz


    lmao my favorite forums user is back
  12. Actually I believe HeadHunter did have a reason to be banned he was publicly scamming people that looks on the forums saying he can recover their account for 5k (im guessing miracle coins) Now if that isn't a scam that deserves a ban then I dont know what is.
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