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  1. You got 3.5.1, unistall and reinstall again to 3.5.2


    NVM :facepalm:  Friend told me to do this but now with 3.5.2 i cant log yet


    im your biggest fan  ;D
  2. Dont you guys think that lvl 30 is too much? Well maybe not in the eyes of devs. I miss the times where this game heavily relied on skill and people wity +5 lvl 15 arena staffs can dominate with the right mindset and skills. Now its all about money more then ever. Since over half these people have high resilence amping is a must. Now this game is all about arrogant newbs with alot of mcoins thinking their pro. Well im one of those old fashioned players who cant even get their staff over 7;but serioisly this is becoming a pay to dominate game. Well ofc most of you nerds would probably say "farm or go swamps"  :crazy: but what about the casual players who dont want to spend an hour for a good drop or trying to get to kotrava just to die. 90% of the drops are useless runes and crystals anyway. Basically what im trying to say is this game is moving in another direction.

  3. I hope you realize what you said just proved my point further. You have no friends you have a clique because you treat anyone outside your friends circle (aka a clique) differently then you would treat a passive player who doesn't spend money btw your best rogue list is completely off except for afro and your wrong again alexbrent is the best necro.

  4. im so much clique xD lol are u blind chicken? Nearly all of my ws time im "solo" in pvp cave showing challangers where they belong (on the floor)

    And this clique shit , ? What clique Name a couple of p/ayers of my clique :D?


    i don't have to name them you name them yourself need an example? If i were to ask you who is the best rogue you would say ladygi right? Well what are you doing now? Standing up for her on something which is nonsense. Best necro? Let me guess kaworu? Lmao this is to easy. You treat anyone who doesn't have a +8 9 or 10 way differently then someone who does. Your clique excludes people. You know your in a clique stop being in denial and accept it. I can nane your clique right now and you said you're clique's name it is called the "pro players" even though most of them suck in where it really matters which is the open field 1 vs a pt. Why did it take me like 3 pms to ask one question? Oh but i bet of chris asked you something itll get answered immediately. Good example of you being in a clique
  5. My code of silence is officially broken this has got to be the biggest case of clique spear i have ever seen. Swaaz may be a big enemy of mine but he is right Poley you are in a clique. He doesn't need to name anyone the you name them with your best player lists. All i see in these best players list are people naming their high amped friends but  the same people getting named are the first ones to get picked off by me. You guys are arguing over some made up "pvp" rule who cares? Its a game where you spend money to even scratch the surface of some of thesE "best players lists" . Its like trying to decide whos better at basketball without one player dribbling someone is always at a disadvantage. Well im done even looking forums because all i see is cliques banding together to get a point across in a pointless argument. Btw Yins isnt the best bd based on my experiences its a shame people so quick to spit out his name and those same people are the ones licking his sack hoping to be his friends. Like I said im done using forums its a waste of my time back to the idiotic drama.

  6. Lol nah no secret.

    I really wanna get dreads tho.. but they are too high-maintenance, for one,


    back in the day I had crazy spikes  :shok: :rofl:

    no pics tho  :'(


    im getting dreads over the summer i have to pay outta my own pocket $55 im gonna wear them over my face like keef
  7. ♥.♥ maybe we can make our own song

    Yea, but the songs/verses  I choose aint easy!!


    Like in another language? Please explain to me what you're doing again
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