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    Serious Scam

    Ok this this guy scammed me out of my wolf and then comes out with a story saying his account got hacked and the person who hacked it was the one that scammed me and he said he will give it back as long as i give him the miracle coins to unbind I reluctantly agree but here's the result
  2. Not gonna lie im a sore loser I want to quit now
  3. Hopzz


    Manley your shoes look like they been through the Iraq war and pvprange those look like youve been moonwalking on concrete floors
  4. Hopzz


    Tre here's those spizikes i was tellin you about took this straight off of my instagram
  5. He's so pro that he doesnt have to wear shoes.
  6. Actually I find the pic of the fat Asian girl more funny then the thread itself.
  7. Wait how is the word noob being used here? Is it being used like as in rude/disrespectful people or new players?
  8. That costume looks like the spy vs spy characters from mad tv
  9. Mommy's little pro :blush:
  10. Zhu your such a hypocrite.....
  11. And this is why elf are bad wont even help killing mcs i can see if its like a normal blue or yellow quest but a kill quest? LOL pliskin u should be ashamed
  12. Actually your all terrible....
  13. Hopzz

    NOOB Potters

    You forgot about reylovo
  14. omfg kupidoll that pic scared me I was laughing at first at the torso for a face but i scrolled down and immediately jumped outta my seat where do you guys get these freaky pics :shok:
  15. Hopzz


    Exactly you should be the only one that knows your own log in info I know im the only one that knows mine and ill never give up my account ;D Actually if I were a dev I would ban that person just for basically laughing at them saying they wont do anything about violating their rules but thats just me ;D
  16. That one wasn't more of a competition screen shot but it was supposed to serve as a humorous icebreaker which is why I posted it first those other 2 is what I'm really submitting. In case you dont know what a humorous icebreaker is (which I doubt you do) It is something funny you say first to get your audience's attention which is often used by comedians. Thank you for your time.
  17. 40 elfs in 2 hours is low i can kill the same amount in 20 minutes or less and pvprange i laughed so hard at ur mom video
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