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  1. I took that comment in the most offensive way possible
  2. Yes indeed I see what you mean
  3. Yea I dont get it either lol I still think they talking about the jellyfishes on spongebob that produces grape jelly
  4. Lmfao at the "fresh cut" pic and has that honda been shot at :bad:
  5. I never understand sorry im kinda new to "internet slang" but what are jelly jellyfishes?
  6. Hopzz

    Caravan's Passage

    Actually its about even because warlocks can easily spam circle and that'll end up stunning the whole "passage" way so no one would pass
  7. Ok I quit you win it gets no gayer then that.
  8. Born i see your point however, it gets no homo then this
  9. Im a victim of your actions and want compensation.
  10. Np it just made me mad that I saw him log in like nothing happened and my wolf is still gone :cray:
  11. -_- thanks alot man -__-
  12. Are you sure he was banned because I saw him playing his rogue xxdarylxx earlier today also even if that is the case why havent you told me? Why would this goofy topic generate your response but my topic didnt even get a single word out of you? Btw some form of compensation would be nice....
  13. [email protected] wanna see the topic? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=80666.0 but im sure you have seen the topic just chose not to reply right?
  14. And im just saying do you think its fair that I've worked so hard to try to get that scammer banned submitted multiple tickets, posted screen shots and actually had legit proof? Not only did I have REAL money get scammed from me but the guy who scammed me is allowed to walk around irselnort like nothing happened? Cmon now be real why would this petty little forum post get enough attention from you that it required a response but yet my forum post with legit proof get no attention and is just sitting there without a response from any of you "devs" :facepalm:
  15. Let me guess because its not in green thats just your humble opinion which means your trolling me right?
  16. If your banning people for scamming why havent my scammer come to your attention? I submitted a ticket and even posted screen shots on forums and your going to ban someone by word of the mouth? Gimme a break :facepalm:
  17. also beware of this guy :diablo: Fathers Please Grab Hold Of Your Sons: Little Boy No Older Than 12 Twerking
  18. Actually Justforu isnt bad looking at all did she quit or just hiding ;D
  19. Fun Fact: Im a girl to a hot one at that ;)
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