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  1. No one can be a moron simply because of an explanation. So in other words you called me a moron because im exposing you and your "Gf" pathetic lives as e daters? That in itself is moronic. Keep trying because your only making yourself sound dumber and dumber. You must feel shitty losing a debate with someone younger then you. Im not taking his side im on no one's side im standing up to what I believe is moronic on you guy's part. I actually dont like brdigo believe it or not.
  2. Please elaborate how did I label myself a moron? No one is raging im simply standing up for what I believe shouldve been told along time ago accept in a more hurtful and aggressive tone just to get my point across because some people with bad English (for example: You) need a little aggression in the tone in order for my "voice" to be "heard". obtê-lo? (Credits to google translate) and apparently your saying grow up because you fail at a comeback and try to use my age against me. Oh and let me guess hmmmm your e-boyfriend sent you here in a fail attempt to pile up on me? Lol and you say im the one that needs to grow up.
  3. Lynching is definitely not something to make a joke or a mockery of I expected a better more mature topic to joke about.
  4. Exactly so release brdigo's nut sack and go back to your little e girlfriend. Don't worry maybe in a couple years you would be able to afford the plane ticket fly the 4551 miles and cry on her shoulder.
  5. Well lawyer frodaddy I accept your statement and would love to settle this out of court for an undisclosed amount. Will mcoins cover it? ;D
  6. No one is piling on me now. I got piled and trolled on forums because the way i reacted to a statement a long time ago back then i was very new to game forums. But it wasn't fair for me to have 10 people attack and "troll" me. Real relationships? Nah i don't get into that many because to many girls are sluts. I just want the mouth anyway. Ill wait until i graduate college to settle down
  7. Im not sore about anything its just that you guys need to understand that this "piling" bully type shit isn't whats up. And friends? If your talking about in game friends i have plenty that want to be my friend in game. Some i accept casual in game friendship some I don't. Others like you and your e girlfriend need to get a life and get a real relationship and real "friends"
  8. Statement withdrawn after careful reading
  9. Here we go I smell my trolling topic all over again ;D
  10. Actually I read all his post and I know hes lashing out but does it really require a response from you guys? Who cares about your shitty "karma" Exactly only no lifers take karma seriously I can have +2 -1000 karma and I still wouldnt give a shit because it doesnt affect the way I play or live my life. And actually your just proving my point even more because if he really is as childish as you guys say why wouldn't you guys be the bigger people and just pay him no mind. Actually if you really think it was that bad of a guide why would you reply to it in the first place? Exactly you shouldnt have. This guy was only trying to help no constructive critisism is required. E-Daters these days ;D
  11. I have everything against gays especially when low life pussies like you and your clique dont have anything better to do then to gang up on someone who only wanted to help this is truly sad CLIQUESPEAR at its finest Oh and besides the fact that you guys gang up on a so called "arrogant" guy I seen no one talk about the fact that newb ass debuffer is always spamming his gear in trade chat and on forums even though no one asked so if you want to pile up on someone pile up on him. No I dont talk like this in front of my mom because I have the upmost RESPECT for my mom because she deserves it
  12. May I ask wtf you low life fa.ggots got against brdigo?
  13. Well back on topic here's me when I was little :blush:
  14. Omfg is that a orgasm? :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad:
  15. Oh my it seems I just had a dirty thought :blush:
  16. Lol I wouldnt have even said anything to him. Hes clearly a noob who came in version 3.2 or so. Little do this retard know that over half the people in his poll are unknown and as I like to call them "random shaman" This is the worst case of clique spear I ever seen
  17. Those Dk stats are insane your regular attack is 700+ and on top of that 4k defense :wacko:
  18. exactly those newbies at pvpcave just werent getting it :facepalm:
  19. Pliskin is my boyfriend he wanted me to tell the world.
  20. Shadow where's your real life pic? :blush: :blush:
  21. Little known fact: BR really stands for Born Retarded
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