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  1. tekooo


    Please when exactly SMS payment is going to be available again in Egypt?
  2. Plz I want to buy paladin weapon lvl 16, server US-Sapphire BTW am online now and of course my paladin name is "tekooo"
  3. tekooo


    Now am using the sign while am amping but it always says nothing happened !!! why is that???
  4. tekooo


    thnx buddy for the info I will do this next time
  5. tekooo


    I have paladin and I wanted to amp my weapon So first I bought sign of imperishability but when I try to use it the "USE" button is not active, So whys that???
  6. tekooo


    am in level 14 so I dont have choice I should be more patient cause starting over would need more than just patience:) best wishes and take care of your weapon :good:
  7. tekooo


    my server is US-Sapphire... but anyway dont worry guys ;I know what am going to do, I will learn kung fu so next time I open the game i wont neend a weapon :rofl: :mega_shok:
  8. tekooo


    Bu t according to your idea I have to start all over again :cray:
  9. tekooo


    what a stupid stupid STUPID game and stupid programers to make such thing like this, I spent like 4k amping that weapon now I have to buy one with the last amount of gold that I have :facepalm:
  10. tekooo


    Am so Mad I dont have another weapon :shok: what I can do :facepalm:
  11. tekooo


    plzzz help I was amping my weapon and suddenly it disappeared why!!!!!!!!!!
  12. tekooo


    thanks for the good info my friend :good:
  13. tekooo


    So I get from the first point that the dress would add nothing to me... ok And about the weapon thing, How am supposed to get the insane amount of gold in my way of playing this game I need years of playing so I can have it, So any ideas And sorry for the many questions :blush:
  14. am in level 14 now and my hp are 1990, am not expert in this game so i want to ask I see in miracle shop in Novice Paladin's Outfit that dress, But they dont show the specifications like the physical resistance and any other things So I want to know about that, Is it going to add power to me or its just about the shape?? Another question I see some people in my level but they have very strong weapons how's that can happen?? Thanks in advance
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