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  1. at first, i tought my priest was hack,. but after sending a message to the technical support online, i found out that my priest has been band,. i ddnt play the game for almost 3 months and the band penalty was 2 weeks,. i come to think again,. its really true that my account was hack and someone was trying to sell or trade my priest,. i apologize to the admin,. and btw thank you, i was able to recover my priest although he is under band,. :sorry: i suffer for the mistake of other user, . . in connection of this issue, i suggest u add sub-password to the character, log-in password is not saf
  2. yeah, this is what i meand to say,. wew... hassle making two account then open on the other device,. this will help us not to be scam in this game no need to ask someone to trade or transfer item or gold, bank or storage for the item is good too,. but developer maybe not want this idea, :cray:
  3. :shok: :wacko: no reply huhuhu
  4. am, its hard to do gold trade especially now, that so many scammer i the game, to the admin i would like to suggest the gold share in one account what i mean all character in same account can use the gold like mcoins.. so no hassle in gold trading,. pls leave you comment... thank you..
  5. :facepalm: not working sir, huhu i used 3 set sign to amp my staff but all failed total of 100 sign already for my staff to +8 but all failed,. :( anyone can tell me where druid suppose amp item pls
  6. roland the developer. Hi
  7. maybe ur correct. But in this game. Gold is very hard to have. Why n0t increase drop item from moobs on selected area. Like in boar or spider to make gold earn fast. That will realy help in amp.
  8. if you want to save ur sign u can try that, . Its only for poor player like.
  9. spam = sending lots of message in chat. Scam = fraudelent act, stealing similar to it.
  10. maybe u can try this method. Try to make ur weapon broken 2 or 3 times, the repair it. And try to amp the weapon for 2 to 5 times, .if failed wait one day. .and try again.
  11. :) how could you go arena if your character is dead,. need to revive it first before going to arena,. if u are in pt and u already revived ur character still u cant go arena because ur pt member still in arena,. i know one saying, "u cant swim in two rivers at the same time hehe" sorry before i said bad words because of the lag in the game that result being banned in the forum. :facepalm:
  12. Jays

    (read this)

    I hate lag in this game, i suggest u all at the admin stop useless and nonsence work :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: just release a patch for the game not updating the main server coz its f u c k i n g LAG the game
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