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  1. Dont talk shit and say stuff.to me if you dont like it back. Grow the hell up hopzzz...and act like ur an angel or something lol. Lame ass...idc if u jump im mad because ur ignorant and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ means lazy and ignorant. My gfs mom is black as i told u before but u keel talking shit everytime in pvp. Grow up as u say ur a man not a boy..just shut up already

  2. Well I already sent a report to support and I'm just waiting on the consequences but this time I have clear evidence of racism in game. I did not do anything all I did was kill elves like I usually do and next thing I know racial slurs are being thrown around


          Maybe you shouldnt start talking crap with everyone hopzz. And im sure racial slurs werent only towards you retard i doubt calling me a dyke and stuff is alright with server either so stop crying about everything and grow up.
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