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  1. I just came back after a long retirement from Warspear and chose Charmer as it was a new class and was afraid that I didn't make a good choice. You made me change idea. Thanks
  2. First of all, if it was already posted i'm really sorry but i don't have time to check out all the post that was written before. ( I'm at school)My idea is: A system that we could ask enemy player or even your mates to test your abilities in fight. And it would not be an unfair battle since is REALLY player vs player :) The way to do that (If devs agree :wacko: ) will be very simple:As any other interaction with another player like (Exchange, Ignore/Unignore)You will ask him for fight or just do it on random system then you and your "enemy" will go fight in arena.Of course will need Arena Ticket and gain less Arena Points or more you devs decide it :tease: [/color] I really hope to contribbute with a good idea :drinks: [/color] :yahoo: HAIL WARSPEAR!!!!! :yahoo: [/color] ps: Sorry for bad english :crazy:
  3. shickst


    I'm here to suggest to developers one idea that is common in other MMORPGs It is : Mounts. It would be like every costume, dropped at bosses and allowed to buy on Miracle Shop. Think about it :)
  4. Pvprange is a fat nerd :bad: but a nice guy if we don't see his face :)
  5. What about my time without Warspear? I'm addicted :wacko: Can't stay away of it :blush:
  6. Snorlax, we need maraksha's bug fixed as soon as possible. I want to finish Chainless League :friends: And, please reduce muted on Alliance chat. :facepalm:
  7. Is maraksha bugged? :shok: :shok: Because i killed it some times and dont get drop ( i'm Wlock and got quest ) :bad: And my friend of the party said that so. :cray: Now I want to know, another player had that same problem? Thanks already
  8. y liked your idea, but it's almost impossible to it becomes true since Aigrind never listen to us. About the matter of diving through the ocean is very nice but it would get rough when we would be killing those bosses because we're needing to refill our oxygen meter or whatever and.... "when the tanker needs to?" :crazy: :crazy: hahha HOWEVER, you're very creative and maybe could a good writer hehe .. cya :drinks:
  9. They extended the snow event? i can see xmas tree yet lol :blush:
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