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  1. Gorei

    Gold making guide

    Please, what is most profitable for killing in Ayvondil?
  2. really nice work guys And I also please for English translation
  3. Please can u ban Pvpshaman? He always go arena without armour and dont move. So it´s always 4x5 I hate it so much. Server US-Saphire
  4. remove the banner or reduce the range and damage. Now it´s overpowered.
  5. You´re right, thanks ;)
  6. OK, NOBODY CARES about this problem :sorry: :cray: :cray:
  7. maybe they should turn off automatic restart every hour, just idea 8)
  8. I have the same problem: done CL, done hard mode in tower, but about BGT quest I´m not sure, I don´t have the quest :( After update I had only one quest in Ayvondil - "Quest not found" and after next update nothing. Please what should I do?
  9. I have done CC, done hard mode in tower but no quests in Ayvondil? Whats wrong?
  10. so what's up? you said the update will be the 23th December :wacko:
  11. nice 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) thanks the warspear team :drinks:
  12. Gorei

    Account exchange

    I'm not sure about the legality. I think it's not trade or sell. Because no one will get money or anything else. It would be only exchange of two accounts.
  13. Gorei

    Account exchange

    Hi. Does anybody with Rogue lvl. 14 and higher want to exchange account? I have Bladedancer lvl.14, Necromancer lvl.8 and Rogue lvl.4. Good luck in game. Gorei
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