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  1. Gorei

    Gold making guide

    Please, what is most profitable for killing in Ayvondil?
  2. really nice work guys And I also please for English translation
  3. Please can u ban Pvpshaman? He always go arena without armour and dont move. So it´s always 4x5 I hate it so much. Server US-Saphire
  4. remove the banner or reduce the range and damage. Now it´s overpowered.
  5. You´re right, thanks ;)
  6. OK, NOBODY CARES about this problem :sorry: :cray: :cray:
  7. maybe they should turn off automatic restart every hour, just idea 8)
  8. I have the same problem: done CL, done hard mode in tower, but about BGT quest I´m not sure, I don´t have the quest :( After update I had only one quest in Ayvondil - "Quest not found" and after next update nothing. Please what should I do?
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