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  1. MC Side 23/04/2013 - Hock-Ap, Armor Cliff Tavern
  2. MC Side 21/04/2013 - Old Arr-Vok, Lowland of Sorrow
  3. kauboy

    Shut up mcs

    Lol. Everyone knows how fairly elves play. :rofl: hitting and crossing the line. Again hitting and crossing the line! If u guys think u r "hero,warrior ,gladiator", then face mcs like "hero,warrior ,gladiator". :tease: :tease: Don't use hit and run technique.. :rofl:
  4. MC Side 18/04/2013 - Graybeard, Berengar's Stronghold
  5. MC Side 17/04/2013 - Gordir, Berengar's Stronghold
  6. MC Side 15/04/2013 - Elder Beyn, Fishermen Village
  7. MC Side 14/04/2013 - Kald, Salt Hill
  8. MC Side 13/04/2013 - Hyarvard, Bitter Ashes Island
  9. Friends, stop paying heeds to the retards here. Their parents brought them up in an abusive surrounding. The abuses they are using here are the teachings of their lovely parents. Congrats for making your parents proud, dear "old forum users". :good: Let the dogs bark, humans don't need to bark back at them. They are just arguing to keep the game familiar for themselves. No abuses in-game may make them uncomfortable. And a suggestion to the devs, If you people don't agree with noah, then i humbly request you to rename some characters in the game, like Vargas should be renamed t
  10. MC Side 12/04/2013 - Gamriz, Nadir-Sard Tavern
  11. MC Side 11/04/2013 - Ingolv, Leeward Island
  12. MC Side 10/04/2013 - Graybeard, Berengar's Stronghold
  13. MC Side 9/04/2013 - Kald, Salt Hill
  14. Lol. Lol. :rofl: My post is for devs. And i am sure they will get my point. :tease:
  15. MC Side 8/04/2013 - Gamriz, Nadir-Sard Tavern
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