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  1. Hi. Lets make this short, im sellin acute falchion +1. We can talk about the price later. Anyway theres my infoEu-emerald-Joooooopsu (6x o :D)Or here, topic or private
  2. Such brilliant guide....
  3. Hey people and...specially rangers but anything goes. So my guestion. Is there change to farm any mobs for money as level 14 ranger. If so tell what and any tips. Than you :);)
  4. So, is the warlock better at lvl10 arena or at lvl13 arena. So in whitch one i would gain more wins thnx for all replys coming @}-
  5. Hi all. I made now an necromaner for arena level 10 :yahoo: ...... or i am doing it ;D But anyway im still searching for a skill build :search: Feel free to post here your opinions :drinks: jopsurange---------lvl 17 ranger (most active) healxxxx-----------lvl 9 druid (for arena) xkilzx--------------lvl 13 (another arena) xmessupzx-------- my coming lvl 10 arena 8)
  6. jopsu24


    Terve Terve tervaperseet (ja kaikki vähemmänki tervaiset takalistot....^^) Mutta kuidengin jos dadviddedde abua di mud dimi fb puoliskolla: jopsurange. Saa aina apuu pyytää mutta harvoin sitä saat :/.....…un necessery comment by:jopsu24
  7. hehe ei tuu replyy ni tehää täst vaa joku suomalaiste juttelu föörumi :D
  8. Hi all! Its me,jopsurange from eu server and now im doing an lvl10 arena druid but im missing a good skill build! Please leave your own builds for level10 here ps. sorry for low ammpounyt ammount* (delete doesnt work) of smiley faces (faces dont work neither) =D
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