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  1. Lmao :lol: Btw BACK TO THE FUTURE I ALTERD POST TIME UP ABOVE (ironicly the time isnt in the future its in the past):rofl: (09 october 2010 :rofl:)
  2. a guild isnt about its lvl or ratings a guild is originally about a group of people making a difference and helping its members but idiots dont realize this i feel sorry for the people that criticize epm because it means later in life they will amount to nothing EPM FOR LIFE!!! P.s Who gives a sh** about what others think as long as you have members that stay true and honorable to the guild others remarks shouldnt matter thats what we had b4 the mass kick session i just hope you all come out of the dark hole and see the true light of things ~tydeee (Photo below when epm was still t
  3. tydess

    r0land -.-

    It was i got the email saying topic removed by r0land here look
  4. tydess

    r0land -.-

    For what reason was it to remove an innocent post that u commented on about novablasts arena against a druid and a mage :crazy: and he is crazy for it :crazy: crazy can mean a good thing too u know 8)R0land is cool but he has crazy moments :rofl:
  5. tydess

    r0land -.-

    crazy dev removed a post that didnt deserv to be removed think next time dev :crazy:
  6. Was about a card but zain opend mouth and took it south
  7. As i said b4 she doesnt take and send photos .. She cant she doesnt have the ability to -.-
  8. Not rlly zain thinks hes all that cuz my sister talked to him 1x he makes up story that she sent photos but hes lieing lmao she dont have a phone :rofl: She plays on a shitty desktop no camera or anything and her words are "A photo is worth a thousand words but being their is priceless" Being that she doesnt send photos.... hell she dont even like her photo taken
  9. Haha what pic she never sent u a boob shot hahahahaha your so full of yourself
  10. You know nothing of my sister so stfu bit**
  11. Not all mc are bad my rouge is good im originally elf but drama like you made me go mc side -.- ...... its just a game get over yourself and grow up -.-
  12. :rofl: omg so true maybe he think it pokeman (yes pokeman not pokemon ik the spelling is different then actuall stfu) :rofl: its digiman (digimon again stfu) :rofl:
  13. :crazy: relax zain it happens my ranger lost +8 areblast from an update just completely random lose too i was in rage but never got it back this was a loooooooong time ago i emailed support and everything never got help they simply replied Or some shit like that :facepalm:
  14. so loved zain :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. Used apk backup/share in android market b4 i updated i always do that
  16. I downgraded to 3.8 now im playing again but on 3.8
  17. Tried that but download wont even start its like ws downlod is down or something
  18. Got from android market (playstore)
  19. Im on android i updated to 3.9 and now it says version outdated please update and it takes me to marked update page but its already updated :crazy: Devs fix this bullsh** please i love warspear but hate the fu** ups and im not the only one Ss below and yes i uninstalled and reinstalled it didnt fix the problem
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