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  1. :facepalm: wtf i finally get full astral set now they changing to sun dmg wtf good is it now btw with it being.dmg now how will druids heal? This part of switching magic statuses is plain stupid
  2. :facepalm: no he is aoa he killed me when i had 900 hp after a pvp jesus u dont read go back to school
  3. Wow your an idiot you need to reread i said wtf ur problem he called me the crying noob jeez open eyes shut mouth
  4. For i seen but it implying that i could have been crying dude lol... .all i know is ws has alot and i mean alot of pricks in it and omg the drama is annoying
  5. Lol i wasnt crying did u see tears in i think not
  6. LUL ill be waiting for a while then besides wars dont count as jumping jumping is in pvp locations or near pvp locations so good luck taking that ss
  7. LMFAO you apparently dunno me i only fight 1on1 ask anyone that knows me only in wars or killing jumpers will i help others in a 2+on1 so stfu
  8. Lol kid indicates im 12 but ill be 22 in january thanks nakkti and happy holidays
  9. Pff an aoa member named Jhanine Jumped my d at 900 hp and had the balls to call me a crying noob when i asked wtf his problem was.... do u see tears in "wtf is your problem" i think not idiots such as Jhanine Should just delete acc. And die for all i care people wonder why the world is fu**** up well prime example noobs on games jumping people at low hp and thinking they pro :crazy:..... aoa is full of crap now so be carefull warspearians
  10. Lmao again you have no right to judge epm nor i for that matter i suggest you take your non sence somewere else
  11. If that happend devs would lose.out on mcoin purchases because people wouldn't have to buy minions anymore their for they wont make them pets however i think the idea would be cool to have some pets and some minions then theirs a balance best minions stay minions crappy turn to pets lol then they wont lose purchases as bad
  12. Lmao u know not what u say you know not the history of epm so u have no right to judge it and on top of all panda suits noob? :rofl: i think not you can think your all high and mighty but truth is take away ur mcoins and ur just like the rest of us also getting worked up over a silly game shows how immature u really are arflex :rofl:
  13. Apparently many do so stfu :rofl:
  14. Lol carmoth is leader of guild "PANDA" not "epm"
  15. tydess


    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :rofl:
  16. :crazy: they takses my preciouses they did yes they takses it :crazy:
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