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  1. The greatest victory is one no one will ever care about
  2. Loooooooool congratulations your lagspear has evolved to deadspear :rofl:
  3. Nah but seriously now its a stability error in the update devs are fixing it now so shouldnt be long till servers back up
  4. Thats an ez one to answer... simply put WS HAS TROLL MODE NOW :lol:
  5. Lol i take rogues of maiden lake daily quest and jump 1 screen → and eu emerald server shuts down :lol: whats going on snorlax, r0land Can yall help us out here? :)
  6. Lol whats ur dmg Druid 253 788 crit 206 heal 412 crit heal
  7. K my druids name is summonheal
  8. Just pvp my druid :rofl: ill get on in a few hours at work atm
  9. Sure why not... powest lvl elf i have is my 14 druid
  10. Once guild has the skill it only costs like 200gp to use it every time Depending on the skill lvl
  11. Ok so for all the people that is confuesed tyhao is NOT tydess... tydess is me all my chars are listed below!!! Tyhao is just a good friend (bro) that made an acc after i did. Tydess-> lvl 20 bd Tydeee-> lvl 20 rouge Summonheal-> lvl 14 druid Novablast-> lvl 15 pala Tyd-> lvl 12 priest Tyde-> lvl 13 ranger Hope this helps the confusion to those who lied to me about tyhao saying that hes me ill deal with u later unless u can post proof like a ss (screen shot)
  12. Love how it reduce root 10% bit warlock stuns n stuff 5-10% we all know they lowerd druid more :(
  13. ok so this post is for those who are confused or dunno what exactly is new ill post screen shots later if not removed.... Ok so update 3.11 is on official web www.warspear-online.com However i noticed update doesnt work with all adroid os yet and idk if it will as im not a dev of warspear Ok new things so far that i have seen (Please share what u see if i havent listed it already ~thanks~) ~Bg tower now open (kinda like snow dungeon) ~some plants and alterations of some arena maps (Looks amazing love it) ~color changes in menu's ~avatar view in equipment ~m
  14. Mines set to heal more then do more dmg and i like that so aigrind better not mess it up
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