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  1. Its good to know what the people think about your work, the critics are to make you think in new ideas That's good i think nice mermaid draw Despair.
  2. # Summary Kindelan He is a champion with heart and soul corrupted by hate and remorse, was transformed into a demon after being the victim of the spell of an evil necromancer who use everything going for it to destroy the faith and all Kindelan believed. Poisoned Kindelan bride with a spell, and that corrupt thoughts and his spirit That could take control over their purpose for use. After the death of his beloved, he swear find a way back to life no matter who stand in his way. The Necromancer offered his help and give all the soldiers need in battle, along with Lilit The Maiden Of Hell, who swear help for saving her life, she is a necromancer, but it is different from the undead, is alive but no ome may approach her because they cause discomfort to all living to stay close to her. Then they began a hunt for souls all Arinar. -Skills- Fetters of hatress: Stun, can't move, can't use skills, and decrease players attack. (same skill as paladin Fetters of justice.) Dark aura: Decrease players HP Berserker: Increase boss attack -Behaviour- A party of 3 bosses, Kindelan, Lilit: The Maiden of hell and the unamed Necromancer. with some mobs around them if is not too hard for players... (the team is the key to win) I liked the hard battle of Berengar Six Shadows, i would like to figth again anoter battle like that I hope people like the idea too. Kind_esp_doc-14.txt Kind_eng_doc-15.txt
  3. i want to see and to know more of draw, i just know hand made :P i have a pc but without internet and cantar download these softwares for draw just draw with my hands and a simple pencil, without colors XD let me see your draw, paints or something. (:
  4. im paladín *HI* and i like and not just because was my first char XD and i like more 1handded mace
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