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  1. Thanks Zain, Your right my resistance is shockin lol I'm slowly getting me arena gear at the mo though ;) and I resent the arena comment ;D , I still got the closest wins to fight ratio elf side in top 40 O:-) just when get high amp lock or as you can see with strain screen shots two rogue when I have druid partner. Although Strain beat 3 in a row but I'm sure he will tell you PVP and many more times I have beat him arena :friends:
  2. I'm not quite sure where you have developed this idea but due to me not PVPing lv15's since I was lv15 I think you are definitely definitely mistaken, I only PVP lv18 and above and this is 100% honest also I have never lost to lv15 necro PVP that I can recall......you may/would have either attacked me whilst I was in chat or jumped me. I don't mean any thing by that but that is just the truth...I'm sure many MC who will vouch for me on this.
  3. yayyy at least one person out there loves me ;D lol
  4. I'm all +8 no +10 on me :cray:
  5. Charmin lol not even a mention :cray:
  6. Yeah my patients is wearing very thin with it, I think gonna have to bite the bullet and upgrade to an Iphone. Its such a shame the Nokia software is sooooooooooooooo shit because there phones are pretty much indestructable (believe me mines been in a full bath, dropped numerous times from great heights and pretty much fallen down 48 metal stairs) and the 12mp camera is incredible the picture quality even when you zoom in is just ridiculous. The moment you upgrade from a nokia software to the latest updated nokia software you get all sorts of problems.......how that figures i will never know s
  7. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D ahahahahaha thats quality, its a shame that the camera on the N8 is actually incredible otherwise the phone would be in a thousand pieces it actually drives me mad lol
  8. When I play with my nokia n8 through WIFI it sometimes completely freezes my phone to the point that even the power off button doesnt work I have to take it completely apart. I have spoked to other N* users and they all face the same problem yet if i play through my orange mobile internet its always ok.
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