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  1. Ty so much for your help, Daria!
  2. I hope thats not the only solution we have. Some more people may fall in their trap if you keep making that offer. Try to solve that please. I dont care bout mcoins, but i love the game and this things only add negative points to it.
  3. The first one was the same. I just posted on my tumblr cause imagesharing wasnt working for me.
  4. Any more info needed so we kick that offer out?
  5. Hahahaha lol im so bad for this things
  6. Welll yeah i accessed to offerts throught game on windows
  7. [.img]http://imgur.com/a/o2AoK[./img]
  8. The program name its Prsetup.exe Its the app they make you download to get mcoins.
  9. Excuse me for bein so clumsy but i dnt remember how to upload pictures, sorry for taking your time Daria.
  10. Im sorry. No, i tried but they dont respond. Like if they dont exists. This is the page https://www.permissionresearch.com/ Posting info about it. https://www.surveypolice.com/permissionresearch (check people comments) and more http://fulltimejobfromhome.com/permission-research-review-will-you-get-a-virus/ I can upload the screen where i complete task to get mcoins. A little bit of "we are sorry for what happened tto you because of our offer" would be nice too but anyway you are right, is my fault for not checking before.
  11. Dear devs. First at all its the 20th time that i use sponsors to get mcoins and get nothing. The worst is not that. The worst come when i do not get my coins and you make me download to get em a program wich is a virus... Thank you so much, for real. It would be nice if at least i have my mcoins. When is this going to stop happening? You guys should care about players...
  12. ty ty ty ty i worked already in other way but this may be helpful!
  13. Ty so much again! Hahaha Well Streetgrass from Milwaukee Craaaazy shet!
  14. Please someone with a brain (it looks like i dont have one) refresh me how to post youtube vids on forum
  15. Lol my topic still up! Well i dnt even remember how to post a youtube video but i try: Im listening lately this band like a lot. https://www.youtube.com/embed/0Gc8B1eEFfk"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  16. I would like to see this person having consequences or his atitude. We are lot of people playing from many places and diferent religions and sensitivities, This attitude shouldn be allow. marciboyy the nick please give him a chat ban or something
  17. God bless the bacon!!! Born... i miss you.
  18. I miss ABC and most of you. Game is much worst without you guys!
  19. Im struggling to leave game but i cant Those items would be helpful! Old profundo Dk Now Morrigane, Warlock on eu emerald.
  20. So you go full 10 full great charms for what? To partner a scammer in arena incapable of doin even 1dmg and loose against necro using bg gear +1 and random 17 items and staff +4 partner with a rogue ramdonly geares whos playing two months ago? C mon man thats why you r always crying so hard and trying to sell your ass. Go go bob. Go +11
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