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  1. hello am the owner of cells guild in eu server ....... 

    am looking for online players that can improve the development of guild.... 

    also pm fejirox my chamer


  2. 19 hours ago, lore said:

    have you tried not mooving?
    if you are melee here few things  you can do about it
    barb - charge or use nature
    rogue - jump on it and a quick stun to dont let it run away
    chief - you got a point ur kinda screwed
    hunter - you got a ranged weapon
    shaman - you can heal from it
    deathknight - pull it on you
    warlock - same as hunter but you can just dip with the stone if it tries to run away

    necro - same as warlock
    charm - yes ur screwed if you're using a mace but even then you can just trow dogs at em and heal back up 

    and if you're a priest take em in mind, best way is to silence before such and to trick em into mooving in someway, if any of your teammates has any form of fear, combo it, its just insane

    still, you can do something about it, but yeah the damage can turn to be a bit too heavy

    the storage works in basis on wich server and faction you are, it dosent happen because in differents server even on the same faction you can have a storage, wich can cause conflicts while copying the accounts into the test servers

    you an elf.. am mc chamer... mace if u move u dead. dont move u still dead... priest ust deals damage and u stand and look.. not my cup of tea

  3. On 8/31/2022 at 6:19 AM, Aizen said:

    I think moonlight(active) expert skill of beastmaster is too OP, the duration refresh with moonbeast auto attacks...that debuff gives periodic magic damage and it can last until you die as long as he hits you with pet attacks...it gives advantage not only in pvp but in pve as well i mean lets be honest the pet cd will probably match the charmers and if it does it will be easy to summon two at a time probably with the help of some cd reduc and with heal skill killing the pet will be hard...while on the other hand the forsaken gets a normal skill which you can't use unless you have hate stacks...plus you have to hit enemies to get hate stacks... you're dead before you can even transform...i mean doesn't forsaken got too much limitations at this point and no advantages...they really are forsaken...lol

    true tho.. forsaken seems forsaken but developers.. they give elf strong buff and limit mc char.. 

    forsaken suppose be the main char

    if reaper resist skill is a basic skill then yes its a go

  4. On 8/24/2022 at 6:24 PM, Puppymaster said:

    i was ganking elves before you started playing war spear and all i saw u just ganking low amped players or low levels but still I love all those brave mcs killing any red name:floating-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

    drop ur char name.. i come kill you..

  5. charmer is the only class that permits you to chose you build either magic or physical or hybrid. just to let you know hybrid is just an average player with above average combat abilities. if you need serious combat ability you chose physical build, while if you prefer control and field domination then go staff which is magimage.jpeg.eccfb0a7a91e6fe2db3a6c0b6d542790.jpegic build.

    for starters level one physical will enable u do u quest faster without dying too much than magic. i will come back and up date this

    my character name  FEJIROX    server Eu emerald    ELF call me Ganker

  6. Please check the blessing skill of charmer.. At a total base health point of 7000, if I apply blessing skill I receive 1000k additional health buff... Now I have a base health point of 7400k and I applied blessing skill, am receiving 900 additional health point..  This is not suppose to be lower..instead it is supposed to be increase... Pls look into it... I really love the game... Lvl32 mc chamer fejirox EU sever...

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