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  1. buuuuu fail event I tell u 10 surprise chests worth than all this crap event... why event only for elfs? on my rogue I only have that crap 13 pumkins quest dafuq? u can finish this event if u ask me
  2. Dont let this post to die make it sticky. Thank you.
  3. who cares, u steal 1 we steal 100 mc will always be better than elfs coz of warlock and the other strong class :lol:
  4. voicumihai


    maybe whats not :facepalm: omg serious now, why mobs detect rogues?
  5. 10 surprise chest? i didnt get any :| and 3 mil player =O can you tell us what server have the most players?
  6. voicumihai


    :wacko: weird ...
  7. voicumihai


    WHY MOBS CAN SEE ME IN STEALTH (swamp mobs) :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: whyyyy :cray: so unfair >.>
  8. i was about to say same thing ... and i wont forgive you >.>
  9. ty for ur leave, u make mc more op now with every elf missing
  10. could u :l and enjoy music?
  11. wew, music again, i will record the rest of music and post them here :D
  12. :facepalm: :facepalm: nice avatar * and what do u say there?
  13. voicumihai


    where is that tower of berengar? what about him? i want to know what all lab ale gg means,and where can i find them
  14. me to ;D anyone? i have 60k and an ilusion that worth 20-50k dunno...that mace with spikes
  15. voicumihai


    stfu bi ...each of you! (trololo) say me,druids are better than palalilas? i mean paladins? xD mucles didi daicisha
  16. sebi D: ai voie sa vorbesi in ro pe chat? :I nu cred ca e legal ... :D i mean... potato :wacko:
  17. xD not decided yet,i think i will go with roots :P 5 light 5 heal 5 roots, bcoz in swamps that obelisks hit similar with my light so i want to hit hard as an obelisk :aggressive: oh yea
  18. voicumihai


    i start with elfs and a friend gave me 70k, now,what class do you recomand me good in swamps, and good for arena. :give_rose:
  19. what is that old enchant that most of players talk?
  20. hah! paint lvl : Master
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