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  1. Isn't better to they create the Sit button? Char would sit for regen faster and if the chat get attacked he would wake up
  2. Np, the "PET" thing was just a simple example, it could be the hotkey in the right side of the skills, it would be helpfull
  3. maybe instead pet it could be a collect scroll that when the mob die the items would go to your bag ... the "PET" is a simple figurative example, the main suggestion is the auto collect
  4. Well, why don't devs create pet's that collect items for us? and we can choice between: Quest Items ( quest :crazy: ) Equipments ( items as gear, weapon and accessories ) Common items ( loots ) It could be created for coin, it would be 400 mc for the pet, and it keep alive for a month, after this you buy the Pet Revive, for 50 mcs, and the pet will be revived This pet would have a inventory with 15 slots, and after reviving the pet the items in the bag will be the same Equipments and Loots are sent to pet inventory Quest items are sent to char inventory Player can mark a box choising what he want to collect between equips, quests and common I think it would be good for quest makers, he could kill mobs without stopping for collect items, for lab to take reliquaries, and another stuffs If you dont like the suggestion, please, don't be like "go to hell noob sug" :facepalm:
  5. Infelizmente sou brasileiro, mas não me orgulho disso :search:
  6. Debuffer

    Lag (again)

    So do you :facepalm:
  7. Debuffer

    Lag (again)

    Devs, you own me this stupid Russell a ban, please pay me this :clapping:
  8. Thats what i mean dude It'll cost 525 mc for the mc buyer but when the scroll is used it'll give to the designated player only 500 mc, so each scroll devs will get 25 coins as profit for let players dealing mcs.
  9. Dude, stfu, you're just a simply noob that think has any respect here, lemme tell you YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT and cant tank a combo mine :clapping:
  10. Better you to simply gtfo because no one like you, motherducker :aggressive:
  11. its for you sell for another people that want to unbind items or/and save mc, its like a mc transfer with a cost for it -.- use your brain :facepalm: :wacko:
  12. no, lemme give an example I have 1000 mc i buy 1 scroll of 25 mc that give 500 mc i lose 525 mc i stay with 475 mc understood?
  13. 1- Entra aqui e tenha suas aulas de português: http://canaldoensino.com.br/blog/curso-online-gratis-de-portugues 2- Entra aqui e tenha suas aulas de inglês: http://www.openenglish.com/inicio.do 3- Depois de aprender os dois passos acima você cria outro tópico, na principal língua do fórum (inglês), e aí talvez alguém te ajude.
  14. Snow Elf bought Signs sold Topic updated.
  15. So devs, I had an idea ;D You should create "Miracle Scroll", it's an scroll that is buyed with mcs, that is tradeable, and when used you get the miracle coins that are inside this scroll, this scroll is buyed with Miracle Coin, its priced 25 miracle coins for each scroll and 1 scroll = 500 coins It's useful for when someone want buy coins for unbind or something like that, or to save coins either, and can't buy with money, so they'll buy with gold and you devs will keep getting the mcs because someone will have to buy mc to transform into scroll :) So, rate :)
  16. Se me conhecessem e soubessem o que eu faço no Sapphire não falariam assim (:
  17. Se eu parar de jogar bota ai que Sapphire todo no MC perde uns 25% de força ;)
  18. You might have fat fingers because galaxy s3 keyboard is big enough for write, dumbass
  19. Eu não odeio todos os BRs, só odeio os que enchem meu saco e os paga pau
  21. Anyway, I don't need you for any shit ;) You're just a kid -,- Btw, who said I'd like to buy something from you? Giving gold for kids isn't good, they would buy a lot candies and other shits, as it's a game I know you're idiot enough for keep buying and re selling Npc items till your gold is over :facepalm:
  22. I sell 3k piece on TC because on market set is 29k, so i need some profit :spiteful: Anyway, the set I'll sell between 26 and 28k
  23. Signs are negotiable only In-Game, I won't make prices here in the forum, pm me so we can deal a nice price ;)
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