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  1. let me level up to start doing my 5000000000 arenas, this season is mine and nobody gonna take it from me!

    Well, as you answered me let me ask you... Why dont i have quest (not only me, my friends haven't too) in new island? I had one talking about elves and nothing more.

  2. Well, I'm BR and i don't think that I'm one of that stupid BRs which peoples say.

    I rarely speak portuguese in chats that are not party or pm (or guild sometimes).



    Yes, BRs destroy the game (I can't say about the Vietnam because i don't know any of them).



    But no, i would'nt change my char to BR server because i hate playing with BRs except my close friends that are less than 5 BRs.





  3. I think that the bloody skill shouldnt get over after the enemy use a skill, warlock should get the mana "stealed" from bloody and should have a higher damage by dots, every MMO i've played warlock always was a DPS class (Damage per second) except in warspear where it was always focused on arrow with a regular damage and dps was a secondary hit skill...

  4. Well, warlock now need a high amped weapon to beat the other classes. So i hint you to focus on Magical defense and a high amp (9 ou 10) weapon. Physical players won't touch you so much so focus on magical to beat healers.



    Skill setup for PVP: 5 arrow (better vs melee) or 5 puddle (best versus healers), 5 circle 5 fear

    Options 2: 3 arrow 5 fear 5 circle 3 puddle (preferable for a higher pvp ownage chance)



    PVE: Warlock isn't made for PVE so forget about it.



    The new skill does damage as life exhaust, but when the enemy use a skill he loses mana and your skill is gone. It makes 3x damage if the enemy doesn't use skill.



    I helped you? + my Karma.




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