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  1. yes, it is still usefull for alll classes, due to the relics that may trigger and also for pulling an single target when nedded, and increasing thier level indeed increase thier duration and aggression point done by it and during the duration the caster will do 3x more aggression points on said target. alone (out of warden) them may be useless (but still can help for get that one enemy in a group safely, since u cant do ranged attacks), but in team where u need probaly to hold on a boss it is really helpfull due the immense damage the dps classes are reaching, wich is a ton of aggression
  2. but it does to the shaman, rogue, barbarian, hunter, necromancer and warlock and its a huge weakening considering that the shaman is the one healing the most
  3. for now u can try to organize in order to have an huge group of templars of your guild to cast thier storms in the middle of the enemy in order to make em separate and get away from the point they're holding, another option is to use the guildglobe
  4. Exactly what GalaxyRekt, Drakoknight and Nolan stated, To make them rare ,
  5. u can get em rarely from bosses and dungeons, but due the rarity its WAY faster buy it from otehr players this should help you with it
  6. multi log on one single account will cause the other user to automaticaly disconect, so its only possible multi log with multiple accounts in meanings of accessing the game while something else is running it (atleast on the character selection), have multiple devices on one account wont cause any issue
  7. not translated (its just an A but still) same here the pathfinder and hunter chests are only from the 4th section daily quests i suggest u to change the term to mob and also indicate the 2 wich wont attract the boss too when attacked. in the guide u an also add farming at an low level such between 6-12 alone, and up if u are a class able to sterminate groups of enemies at once (such as mage and chieftan as example) to farm thier chests, and open them to sell the items such as amber pumpkin pieces and north runes to the second hand dealer, since there
  8. nice guide, i would suggest to add "why" u would want to start crafting (explain why the crafted equipment is good and ect ect.) and also u can tell about the value of the special materials (catalysts, essences and substances). also an way to gain materials wich is nice (on my opinion) is running the last dungeons of the starting maps with other chatacters then find a way to transfere it all to the main one, it will help gain more materials for both craft items in general (dissasemble equipment dropped from there) and rare crafts. it is very viable since at low level the cost of repair eq
  9. typo, also u can gain em trought nortlant swamp daily quests if ur lucky, the chest pieces can be dropped from Oko-Shaar (astral labyrinth), boots from blazing anax (astral labyrinth too), gloves from echidna (guess it) and the helmets from medusa (yes). u can also compress the whole champion colloseum armor sets all in one and show each difficulty wich level gives for save some space
  10. i think it would be nicer if there is an small intro along an why u might want the said armors
  11. it is very well done, i like the fact wich most gear has multiple level ranges u can gain it, along that u said the stats wich are better . maybe the possibility to add some alternative relics pepole can use in case they're not rich eught for em too. another thing i would consider to add is a fast overall explanation of using the class in pve(maybe also in pvp) all together out of the explanation under the skills and possible combinations u can pull off with other classes with you, this would make it easier for pepole to undertand all at once how to use the class since u will know how to act i
  12. what if u add alternative (in terms of cheaper/in cae unable to get the required equipemnt) builds along the ones u can use while levelling? because yeah is "#1 paladin guide" but i think it would be great if u explain how to get there (small explanation on how getting the gear or what get before trying to go get that one as example). since it would make it helpfull for new players wich just began the game out of the ones aiming to the top
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