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  1. then ur gonna tell me you are santa?
  2. what if i tell you im not? also what im suggesting you is alternative ways to get to the priest whiout technically mooving....
  3. thanks for reminding me, i completely forgot about their resist skill
  4. have you tried not mooving? if you are melee here few things you can do about it barb - charge or use nature rogue - jump on it and a quick stun to dont let it run away chief - you got a point ur kinda screwed hunter - you got a ranged weapon shaman - you can heal from it deathknight - pull it on you warlock - same as hunter but you can just dip with the stone if it tries to run away necro - same as warlock charm - yes ur screwed if you're using a mace but even then you can just trow dogs at em and heal back up and if you're a priest take em in mind, best way is to silence before such and to trick em into mooving in someway, if any of your teammates has any form of fear, combo it, its just insane still, you can do something about it, but yeah the damage can turn to be a bit too heavy the storage works in basis on wich server and faction you are, it dosent happen because in differents server even on the same faction you can have a storage, wich can cause conflicts while copying the accounts into the test servers
  5. copy the link and paste in new page but yeah they dont work in a normal click/tap
  6. this problem affects legion too, dps focused classes these days can reach the strenght needed to run any dungeon in the game whiout requiring either tanks or healers in their party wich... is a problem
  7. in this way it could work well, some people might find problems with it because it is still gonna be a sort of "buff" since instead of blowing out the shield they have a damage reduction wich is more efficient for higher amps due to how high stats scale with shields and such, with a minor chance of being too much being in combination with the damage reduction IF it has access to an external income of healing such as a priest or a druid can use life protection (i will call it in this way because i cant remember evrything) to give a huge health boost in case of a burst. but it would easly make the seeker less of a thin paper character wich is kind of good on my eyes? also there is the need of taking in account that classes with burst damage such as rogues, hunters, rangers and ecc can use this fact to kill the seeker while it has their attack lowered due to few amount of hits dealt, but i wont go in to analyze deeply how it will run in pvp, essentialy in this way is just gonna be more of a rework of the skill in pve scenarios with the chance of still being a usefull deffense tool in lategame (like lifesteal wont safe you lol), so yeah, 7.5/10 also it is still better than bloodprotect but we all know where the problem lies in here lmao
  8. still better than the dks bloodshield, with this i dont mean this would be too strong, i mean the deathknight needs some love
  9. if you want a safebet to go for i suggest you to go for a spear with magical attack as main statistic in the first levels then when you reach around level 26/28 you can focus more on physical damage in order to deal a good single target dps, magical damage is still needed for the recovery and the groups of enemies. the scaling of the health and the rest will almost surely be way stronger than charmer's dog since its a single summon taking the role of being an extension of the charater itself
  10. most probaly physical, but there is the chance to be mixed with the autoattacks being physical and the area attacks being magical
  11. resources for not one but two new classes but no resource for a crab....
  12. from logic the demon form will consume hate refer: but it would be nice to have it specified on the spot, some people might feel themselves tricked into thinking it dosent
  13. and negate the income of a massive chunk of them if instead of going into the blockchain something to make the game doable in "dead" sections of the game, wich has a too low player count to consinstently go for bosses and dungeons, wich in this case the area is in irselnorth and the first 2 areas of avyondill (t1 and t2) wich is worsened by their reputation grind, and decrease the gamble in the nortlant swamps wich can turn to be way too frustating for players. other ways to make the game more appealing to other players is to also do an actual advert campaign but i only suggest such afther a huge update wich has atleast new classes (bring old players into the new areas again), new content and make the amplyficaton system less of a chore by either adding more avaiability of the signs along with more runes to enchant the gear up to level cap, possibly some expantion of the loot in dungeons and bosses can do a nice boost (add lower rarity gear wich is easier to drop and a increase in droprates woulnt be bad). with this, i personaly think the game can have a jump in players to go foward on for a long time, but its a challenge that the entire dev team should be ready to take because it is sort of a make or break thing
  14. its even better when they start counting the amount of controll skills each side has
  15. the whole thing was meant to be for pve, pvp is a whole different can of worms
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