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  1. Wild snorlax is blocking your way..Play PokeFlute ?
  2. I cant believe i didnt see that post
  3. It's no avail talking to ignorant people like you.My opinion: Start a new character..and RELAX
  4. Freakstone


    there is always a first time for everything
  5. Read the EULA rules.The support team need not mention the cause of blocking . It maybe anything you have violated as per the rules.
  6. Freakstone

    Gift codes.

    umm, changing mcoins into gift codes and selling them to players for golds etc ...Umm i dont think so
  7. evry class is good at something..It is for u to decide which one to choose.In my experience Necro are good support class,good in arena and good basic skills. Shaman is a status quo because it is good in everything.It's easy to manage and play . Anyway its up to u
  8. I think all classes have enough pros and cons.Cons can removed if u have a thing called"teamwork" ..Tanks are good you are not familiar with that.Go with a support class ,and you rock
  9. as far ik, steam requires a lot of cash $$$ .making it a bit contradicting to this topic
  10. hmmm, agreed nothing can be done..i hoped that it could still be recovered cuz i saw you posting"pls send a ticket to the support.we will see what we can do" Another thing,you could have still replied to my message . that was almost 2weeks ago. i suppose there is no way you can figure out who took the account.(if u can,pls )
  11. with no characters. I had 5 characters.Mainly i regret Freakstone was lost. And what do u propose i do now?
  12. Dear support team, I had seen a ticket and got the replied"you account had been restored"."Your new id ................ and password................. You have been given a temporary ban of 2 weeks.After the end of the period,your account will be unblocked " I opened my account..Bump ,VANISH no characters I am very disappointed with the support team because i hoped that your account will be restored.This is the first thing. I had replied to the mail ,you blaming me for "ACCOUNT SELLING/TRADING ..EULA RULE VIOLATION" I asked for a human answer,not a computer generated mail.I replied 2 times to that mail(in the same thread,not causing any spamming). My ticket number is :0468cdecd62f0dc Please acknowledge it(for god's sake)
  13. Freakstone


    umm,i guess you have to write it down ^^
  14. totally disagree with this one . other ideas are "okay typishhh" .needs balancing of cc[thats too much cc and they are supposed to be rare ]
  15. This skill will rock if u have high attack plus high life steal best opinion: Good for future.Bad for present
  16. Two year sex months Who wants a knight costume? :*
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