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  1. Hope its on mid october..im gettin holidays then ..Thnx,again pls make the event more "easier" eh??
  2. Totally disagree bro..Auto win
  3. Yes miss, I m wrong, I thought as Mr.Born posted, he may be in BR..As we all know that born plays in Br. Yes robskiful is a familar rogue in US..I apologise for my "assumption" P.S neelam didi is pro(sarcasm)
  4. Yes its g4.. My move: A2 toA3 I apologise as I needed to study but since the syllabus is easy, I said wat d hell..lets play chess
  5. Going off for 48hrs.. cya
  6. White E1 to G1 EDIT: Castling
  7. Hate to humor u...I am quite sure what I am writing.As far I know there is some new project goin on. (Thnx angelo) P.S. if u think im "complaining" please refer to your own signature
  8. Your highness, That is in BR server , now I think you have brains to figure that out.
  9. Yea but wats our benifit?do we get better graphics?..nah .better updates?still pendin...
  10. I vote for physik and pummy...ziiiii idk who are the new ♥♥♥♥♥ Btw delete this topic...there are more than 20topics like best shaman in us ...bla bla
  11. Wrong place to post topic ... Please send a ticket to this page http://warspear-online.com/en/support But please read the Eula rules before doing this. http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/eula
  12. No questions about the topic yet... but why did u choose such a vulgar name?
  13. SUPPORT http://warspear-online.com/en/support TY
  14. ya,weapons are very rare..all i can get is-Essence,Catalyst and some useless gears..
  15. i think you deserve a good ban after seeing your post
  16. Im happy with the normal build up
  17. I think,since the guilds have been introduced..there is less unity between clans and more unity in guild..which is a disadvantage.High rank guild show their ego and do not care about the low ranked ones.. Truly a great problem
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