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  1. Actually account recovery can take even less than day..It depends on ticket queue and holidays, Support team donot work on sunday. So account recovery can take 2-5 (usual) or more working day. Please check spam box cuz sometimes it can contain the ticket reply.
  2. Sir, r0land has clearly updated his point of view..he stated that account sharing results in ban. P.S. please check updated sources & posts (no offence) And yea
  3. I wanta necro skill which summons dead warrior (low hp low damage , reduces attack speed and it should be very irritating )
  4. I now know why devs are gettin mad .. Please dont create multiple topic and USE SEARCH BUTTON..
  5. Hey thats wrong move U did A1 to A2 ...
  6. Freakstone

    fix fix fix

    Do u learn english? If not please write in pure turkey..cuz I CANT TRANSLTE THEM..
  7. 1) yes panic will act on multiple attack .it said " them" right 2) yes, it is a buff skill that counter attacks
  8. As expected...so from now on we will download from steam??? Or from website as well at steam?? N will u make quest dialog correction and other fixes in dis update??
  9. Freakstone

    fix fix fix

    Please USE THE SEARCH BUTTON TO FIND THE ANSWER for future Edit: r0land has given the answer while I was typin..
  10. Dear r0land, When will the error in quest and quest dialog correction fix occur..zzziiii its been almost 2years and I found no changes (atleast not the changes I had made) Its a good time to finish old work.. No complaining here, just a polite question
  11. If u think u can suffice with killing of low def mob.So be it..i always find funny everyone hitting the poor rabbit jus to check their dmg.. I find this suggestion useless...Srry brah"
  12. Argh, if I had started first and knew that the knight ws there ..I woulsnt have played..Plus I need to imagine and play moves ..Thats the hard part..evn u had done a mistake
  13. Firstly, they are doin a splendid job..It is beyond the capacity of a ordinary man to solve so many issues and development. Secondly, you are posting abt the devs and clearly criticising them..Good luck with that.. I agree with the "once a block, it is a block" policy..cuz players are given too many chances.I bet that 95% of the users violate any one of the rules..if they havnt read the Eula rules, they get daily notification regarding the latter..So please dont complain.TBH I had shared info with my close frnd...I lost my phone along with the id.. (really, I dont giv a shit what had happened) And again, please think before posting such a "debate-able" topic especially wen u r posting in "wrong area"
  14. Hmm watevr.. Wat will I gain evn his karma goes up for free =.=
  15. No (sarcasm) First of all, I found in russell signature about a website that gives free karma..im suspicious about that..N to be quite clear, I hate russell
  16. Hmmm, but it was -625 O.O ..Boost 625 karma?? O.O
  17. Im curious.waitin for a sure answer
  18. Sorry, if u have temporary ban u will receive after the ban term..perment block cant be unblocked anymore. Please read the eula rules and be careful and yea sorry for ur loss
  19. Russell I dont know how ur karma boosted from Pummy's 1st karma to 81st karma in jus 4 slots.. Pummy wrote " ur 1st karma bhai" after 4-5 karma slot..Pummy wrote ur 81st karma or watevr..Wats goin on Cardystro??
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