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  1. Most likely a bug..I dont think stacking shield will ever happen
  2. If u wish to do more like this, you will get banned..zzziiii there is a reason why ur posts are deleted. Please read forum posting and community rules
  3. Who said idk u? Cardystro, sounds familiar? ? Baccha stop telling lies and be clear..
  4. Shift to guild section..will ya please legionn?
  5. Haan tu yaha kya kar rha firingi ??? Ja apne britain madachod (thats ur mom lol)
  6. For all my previous arguments with u jarlaxxe, I apologise and one thing for sure, pro player can't get fame just by amplification. If u have skills, u r already perfect
  7. Hey baccha party, go learn original galiyaaa ; D..I wish I had russell-bullshit interpreter so I can understand wtf u r trying to tell PS, u r still a madachod
  8. Why dont u try it out???,it depends on attack speed or dexterity of your "avatar". Usually skill comes first
  9. Freakstone

    Tits Bug?...

    No offence but small things count up a lot lol
  10. Its of no disadvantage so pls accept dis gm
  11. => Thumbs Up .Nice suggestion and hope that I can select the reqd. Items and they get filled respectively. Suppose I have 32tix.. I select all 32 of them, and they get entered into slots(4 slots)Not usual u have to select each slot and enter the reqd amount.
  12. No complain..Necro need to be scary, rogue is not overpowred..Everythin is balanced qnd good to go!!!
  13. Russell do u mind f.u.c.king off
  14. Can u show a video of both devices?
  15. True, many are still continuing ..Wat abt them?? Many lied that they didn't shared info..
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