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  1. I can bet it will happen in a similar way (unlike the author's amulet example) it can based even on combination of skills.Suppose:Shaman lightning ball+lightning stun may add electrocution...A debuff combination skills.
  2. Sir, I can clearly see , the author said-"Very hard to get".It is like getting on rare events coming once a year. There are very less people with night prince gears.You cant see everyone running around with those.In addition, players other than competing in arena seasons have a chance of winning this gears. Good suggestion but it is already been suggested before (actually I Did) Umm, I find it sarcastic to hear these words from a rich player you are right but some people keep these gears and donot sell them. By the way, player decide wat to do..We cant interfere in that
  3. Losing* Umm, agree with u on this point.Are you sure you take 202 bleeding damage??
  4. To all supporters of this topic, I have bad news.There arent going to be any changes in base skills. Youd ask-who SAID..I'd say-I DID
  5. Umm, I m 15..I have lot of steroids and adrenaline disturbances goin on my body..you ask-whyd shoot?.. Maybe I m playin Devlin too much... If I recall correctly, I had an argument wid u (if u know my ol' forum name) I really regret that.Good luck with ur job as a forum moderator Thats hilarious...Anyway I am not going to support u on "Skill suggestions" topic anymore
  6. Umm thats wat I said..Right? ? Sorry, noone bothered to read my posts
  7. Freakstone

    Scam ...

    TBH, you should be more careful..I dont think the support team can do much in these case..Plus , they cant retrieve your gold or signs Please be careful next time
  8. there is median night not halloween..It comes around halloween..BTW ITS COMING SOOOOOOOOONNNNN
  9. ok...its OPness to mcs then why do the dark side always lose
  10. I like r0land a lot but in contrast he became the bearer of bad news.He informed me that i couldnt get my characters back.. a part of me says-> love r0land ..the other part says-> shoot him in the head Z/d_tttt_eee_mmmm.pp01703, wat do you say???do u like r0land??
  11. yep. 3 hams stack..Its like eating 3 bread without filling at once
  12. i remember that too..The necro name was "Bobrishi" .He was spamming all gears to +10 i pmed,it said Player Bobrishi is offline,but it showed online on friend list..my friend had same problem.I restarted and he went offline(according to friend list) ...Dont ask why i added him in first place?
  13. Freakstone


    Minion farming O.O ..maybe normal loot
  14. No thnx the answer is based on series completion and miscellaneous series ..this question was challenegd by a frnd.. I hope ur problem is fixed.
  15. Thnx for the answer...its correct answer but there are actually 15possible answers O.O I wanted to see which the most common answer.. Ur logic is on base system 2, I guess (binary code)
  16. Download from here ;under ubuntu tab http://warspear-online.com/en/download/?
  17. I think these topics shouldn't be in us sapphire...they should be posted in pvp and arena or classes section.. Umm, I like drizzz(a low lvl ) skynete is good too
  18. Russell elf Listen to this guy..he tells the truth Cardystro
  19. Ladies first b i t c h.. Aaj kal we chat ka add buhot dekhta hai kya?? Oh right u r not a madachud ...teri to maa hi nhi hai..Gay papas Chus le mera
  20. Maybe, it was particular to that map...it happens quite a lot..Only a official answer can solve this question
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