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  1. scammed? All costumes are made recieving or equipping (mainly equipping).I think these rare costume were put mistakely by clicking select all button (if there is any) If u want to report bug..Please follow existing topics but dont make bunch of them. Existing topic:Its in support.Author:Turtle
  2. what lag ?? Maybe you're entering a "player camp zone". ?Unless that, it works fine.
  3. Magored,Really? ALL THIS WAITING FOR THE UPDATE AND NOW U CANT WAIT 1 HOUR? R0land, those suggestions are given recently. Wew.Is this bcuz u had this in mind or cuz of that suggestion Suggestio(for example):Test dummy at every town
  4. Good job guys...but im unable to play cuzof my exams..So enjoy the event
  5. Also happens wen your charging your phone with high voltage..Screen jams (Happens with laptops too) Best way..increase your screen timeout for this case
  6. ¯_(ツ)_/¯, that's what I would say
  7. I think this guy hangs his phone (aka screen jam) after the Data Caching is done.Yea, I had this problem at beginning cuz of low RAM on my old device(Galaxy Y 2.1 Gingerbread). I suggest -clear active memory or get a new phone with the system requirements mentioned by Warspear. Any good news now?
  8. What happened to 90% tommorow, 6% friday,4% saturday ? Lolz..No offence
  9. Can u describe the situation.Even devs cant interpret what you are trying to say
  10. Go here, and report your problem http://warspear-online.com/en/support You will get reply within 3-4 working days
  11. For small passwords..That wont be long. I would suggest-Auto Access Denied after 5 wrong attempt from a certain device
  12. Lets take a scenario Umm, im not a mc coin user. I find it hard to earn Free mc coin..I need unbind my gears. And I have used the free unbind.Now What to do..I have to buy mc coin at anycost cuz there is no scroll of unbind.I cant waste my own money on this. So I have rely on unreliable sources (with the chance of getting scammed, PS if u don't understand "Unreliable" it meant -buying mc coin via gold {illegal}) Shit, now my account got stolen.I have ask support to help me.Waiting for 2 days for response. RESPONSE-You are involved in account trading/selling(thats what they say) . You are receiving permenent ban.THE END and Welcome to the linchpin web If you want players to be like this..Umm, I cant say anything more. There ain't much harm in introducing this in the game..
  13. Why not? Give me a reason (a logical one)
  14. Yea Illusive Jump Counter-attack (most likely cuz it never happened to me) Lightning shield
  15. No, its not a bug.It maybe screen lag (probably u have slow network) or maybe the barb used charge before druid used root.Cuz I cant use skill wen rooted. Please check again
  16. Freakstone

    Mcoins bug

    Nvm him, he is always rude.Please send a ticket to support.They will see to it
  17. I understand your concern but it takes time to procesw tickets. You are not not the only one.Please relax, you will recieve mail short.And one more thing, NEVER write any personal information on forum
  18. Lol Please send a ticket to support team, they can help for sure..Im still laughin
  19. No sir, I think just earn a fixed xp per kill. Lvl 10 character kill gives 4xp and lvl 18 kill gives 9xp .So, if u wanna make 20k xp in a day.Thats not possible.
  20. @Russell I still remember you scammed (now you stopped) from the character Cardystro. Could this be your comeback :X
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