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  1. Im clueless...can anyone explain me?
  2. Freakstone

    Guild PET

    Hmm, you mean a pet who is summoned by the guild. Questions: By whom? Restrictions? Arena etc What will happen if it dies? How can you earn or buy them? I am more looking for a "permanent pet" weak but it is permanent
  3. Shit...I gotta go to grade IV to learn maths Hmm, I think with increase in level, the percentage might come down. For lvl 1-6 15% For level 7-14 12% 15-22 10% 23-24 8% As mana regen power increase with high capacity of the equips..this "should" work
  4. Ammmmm, A human?? Which restaurant is your favorite?
  5. Needs balancing, anyway you have my full support on dis
  6. Unique weapons? Likely to be from hard
  7. First of all, I like your grudge against MCS and your funny english. 1st) Needed balancing 2nd) No idea, I cant play cuz blocked..bbut maybe aauto-party was stopped cuZ it created a lot of strain in the server 3rd) they applied a negative trait to that skill.Now limited enemies can be affected by the stun..That means it is useless in 5x5 arena (atleast a bit) 4th) totem doesnt nerf much..but I think it will split its damages soon 5th) secret link- you know the answer One more thing...please read the news and announcement properly
  8. Owwwww but its unfair 50% thats too much 40% that's the last I can hope
  9. Looks like a bug, but I can't say for sure..need developer's response Wait till tomorrow, today's SUNDAY
  10. I think the mana regen should increase in percentage% For example, mana regen of forsaken should be 3% You have 10 regeneration you get 13 . Anyway thats a thought
  11. But dont you think that's unfair. You can earn friendly status without completing the whole set of quests-results: approval in entering the tower. Gimme one better function of that pot..if u have CC pot...I agree You can earn maliat easily?? Thats bullshit Be practical, be cool
  12. Its a book ...You can have history of transactions made in the particular week.Information old than 1 week gets automatically removed (causing less jam)
  13. No way! By this, you can enter tower faster than required..Do your regular chainless or watevr
  14. Mechabeast, hmm is that ur name??:*
  15. "Guild activity log" yes yes, we know it
  16. Count me in Im not always active,but I play in holidays ..I can help If need any help, just pm me.(forum) Ol' player, I kinda remember ur barb Good luck
  17. Run as fast as u can after maintenance. Gather as many people and run to kratt. Bestyou can do right now
  18. R0lly? Wen r u going to post about the winner of the contest..I wanna know the names
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